3 New Features for Android Update 8.0, Exciting Update for Dessert Themed Google OS

Android O

There are three new features that could come to Android 8.0, the next upgrade for 2017.

The site of the developers of Android states that only around 2% of the Android users have started using the Android 7.0 version, Android Nougat, which is the latest available one.

Dessert Themes

However, Google continues to roll out new dessert themed versions of its operating system. Towards the end of February, a senior Vice President of Google started teasing the company’s next update, on a tweet made to a journalist.

Android 8.0

Three New Features

According to the source for VentureBeat, the new Android 8.0 upgrade will incorporate three new features.

Copy Less

Copy Less will be one of the new features for Android 8.0 this year. The feature will allow the Android smartphones to automatically search for relevant information that the user would like to copy from sources, while sending an email or texts.

For instance, suppose a user is chatting with a friend about some place to have dinner and the user goes to Yelp application to search for a good place to eat. When the user goes back to texting and starts typing the words, ‘It’s at…., then a suggestion will be automatically generated mentioning the restaurant address that the user recently viewed in the Yelp app.

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Relevant Information

This means that users can be more efficient and type out only relevant information, without the need to delete some part of the text before they send it.

Address and Location

The second feature rumored to come on the Android 8.0 update is the ability to just tap on some address within a message. Google Maps will then open it automatically and direct the user to that location. The feature has been copied from the Apple playbook and has been in it for several years. It is time Android also gets this feature. However, it is not sure whether the links for Google Maps will also work on third party messenger applications.

Finger Gesture

The third feature expected on Android 8.0 update for this year is the finger gestures commands. The commands will allow the user to draw letter C on the display and this will result in the software offering you the list of your contacts. However, this report is not much on the cards, as it is possible that it could be scrapped completely or the gesture feature could be delayed for the next upgrade.

Android O

Subtle Iterations

The days are gone when Google would add exponential enhancements in its OS upgrades. Google has been subtler in its iterations and it is mostly to do with polishing the earlier OS. Apart from the above three features that are expected to come to Android 8.0, it is also expected that the Daydream platform could get additional features. Daydream compatibility will be extended to many other Android devices after the introduction of Android 8.0 or Android O

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