Tired of Google Maps? Here’s the Best Navigation App Alternative to Check Out

Google Maps

There is no doubt that Google Maps leads the way when it comes to offering navigation services, however, this doesn’t make it the best when dealing with Android phones.

The world of Android has so many apps that sometimes it is just OK to stick with what Google preinstalls on all Android devices. The company’s mapping app appears on all Android devices by default and with this, most people usually find themselves relying on it for their navigation without knowing that there are some other really interesting options out there.

If you are one of those people who commute on a daily basis or depend a lot on public transport, you might want to check out more other apps before sticking to Google Maps and the best place to start from is Waze.


Waze is not a new name in the mapping industry. In fact, the app competes with Google Maps, but it is owned by Google as well. Unlike Google Maps, Waze keeps its focus on the driving aspect of navigation. If you move around in a car, this app will give you details on gas prices as reported by other users as well as turn-by-turn directions to any destination, including parking lots.

Google Maps Alternative

What makes Waze better than Google Maps is that it adds a social aspect to its navigational services. As noted earlier, you get gas prices as suggested by other users of the app. This same community of users will also feed the app with traffic data and other incidences along the road, for instance, speed cameras, road closures, police traps, etc. – things that will help you make informed decisions regarding the routes you take.

The social aspect of Waze makes it a better option than Google Maps, especially if you are after an app that offers more than just general navigation. Waze will present you with a friendly driving community that is always ready to feed the app with anything that happens on the roads. Since it is all about socializing, Waze is also perfect when planning trips with friends as you can easily sync events from your calendar app, Facebook and other platforms such that you get notified of the whereabouts of those attending, including their ETAs, just in case you are headed the same place.

What other navigational app do you thing Android users can turn to instead of Google Maps?

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