3 New Features Make Gmail More Reliable for Business


The latest ransomware attack named Wannacry left a lot of technology companies stunned as they have lost data worth millions of dollars.

Gmail which has always been at the forefront in providing the best security had come up with three new features to protect their business users in a better way.

Machine Learning to Fight Phishing

For a very long time ever since its inception, Google had relied on machine learning to their search and the Gmail service better. While the AI is never so autonomous on its own, it does have the capability to learn with time. The newest update allows it to work more efficiently so as to identify phishing and sneaky spam messages that manage to get past the initial blocks. It works with 99.9% accuracy as confirmed by the experts in their official blog.

Gmail Features

The people also added that at least 50 to 70 percent of messages that landed in the inbox are actually spam that has no use for their users. The early phishing detection setup reduces it which is also bundled with Google Safe Browsing setup. It identifies phishy URLs, messages and other harmful content while following the illegal pattern to detect them earlier before they could attack.

Warning Message for Employees

Gmail will be equipped with warning message for employees which is crucial. When the Wannacry ransomware hit computers across the globe, they primarily targeted employees in a company. Human errors are what hackers and ransomware, malware developers target at because machines are usually much proactive in identifying when things look fishy. The newest addition will display a message to employees, warning them to not reply to emails that are not identified or in their domain. If the recipient is someone the employee replies to on a regular basis, the machine will keep it in its memory and will not display those warning messages later.


Security Advancements

As a whole lot of security advancements are now part of Gmail , Google has bundled them under one roof and claims it also includes a built-in defense system. The idea behind this particular feature is to create protection against ransomware which is usually one of the worst attacks any company would face and against polymorphic malware. It can block more spam apart from the thousands of malware and spam Gmail blocks on a daily basis.

New hosted S,MIME encryption is now used in emails along with TLS encryption alert and data loss prevention making Gmail quite reliable.