Aston Martin is Working on a Supercar to Beat Ferrari 488 in 2020

Aston Martin

Creating supercars are no easy task which is why automobile manufacturers love to make them so as to showcase their prowess to their competitors.

Aston Martin is about to step into this segment and come up with a model that would beat the Ferrari 488 in the year 2020.

Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin is determined to come up with a supercar which would strongly follow up their newly launched DB11. The newly signed agreement suggests that the upcoming car will be a mid-engined variant but other details related to this fast car remains sparse at the moment. Palmer speaking to the press earlier confirmed that he had at least seven different models planned which will be released one after another in the next seven years.

Aston Martin

While the DB11 from Aston Martin is yet to be widely adopted by buyers around the globe, the company has already devised plans for the DB12. But, it is not anywhere close as he confirmed they have planned to bring it out in 2023 which is like six years from now. The release will start with the DB11 followed by the Vantage, Vanquish and other cars inspired by the brand’s iconic designs from the past.

Once again, Andy Palmer without mentioning the actual specifications of the car suggested that they have planned for a DBX model. The particular car will be revealed in 2019 and should hit stores by 2020. He amusingly added that they could call it the Ferrari 488 competitor just for the sake of argument after which there is the Lagonda One and the Two. Each one of their cars will be relevant for at least seven years since their launch without feeling outdated and by the end of the long period, the grand reveal DB12 will take place.

Aston Martin Supercar

“Based on the pricing structure that we have been following for many years now, the top of the line will be occupied by the Vantage and the DB11. It will also include the Vanquish but there is no plan to introduce something that is priced above this range. Our idea is to come up with a car that is priced slightly lower than the Ferrari. There is a blind spot in the market right below the Ferrari 488 which we will fill up with similar performance but lesser pricing,” Palmer added.

A lot of new technologies will be implemented in this particular model so that it could finally lead to the DB12 production years later.

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