3 Things We Know About Dog Fights In Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 E3 2016

A new video from the E3 2016 showing of Battlefield 1 has been released and it showcased plenty of interesting things about dog fights in the game.

Set in World War I, Electronic Arts and Dice have set a new benchmark for multiplayer first person shooters. It might be the Modern Warfare from Call of Duty that changed gaming for good and made it interesting again. After all, there are no new generation multiplayer shooters available at all. We need Battlefield 1 to see how it looks in 4K glory and also to engage in silly horse fights when others are equipped with modern rifles.

Easy Driving

When driving old school jet fighters in the game, the biggest change is that it is not going to be completely unforgiving. You can actually hit or even lower it down to go close to buildings. The fighters won’t explode immediately. Their mechanics are also handled in such a way that they just wobble when other objects hit them but doesn’t crash or explode. Compared to Battlefield 4 this is definitely a huge change. Probably, DICE wanted to make sure it is not a military simulator but a way to enjoy World War I without the horror of messed up fights.

Battlefield 1

Weather Affects Your Aim

Dynamic weather will have a huge impact and will make driving fighter planes really difficult. They do the same for soldiers on foot as well but on the sky, it’s going to be tough to spot an enemy. You may also have to avoid hitting on the blimp or any other items in the sky. Aiming enemies will be really difficult once the storm begins and if you manage to kill one or two, it’s out of sheer luck and never based on skills.

Jump Off

Apart from all these, the opportunity to escape out of a fighter plane are many. You can easily jump off them and use parachutes to land safely. Get ready to be fired at by enemies on the ground but if you could find a space spot, it is possible to land and take over a point. On the ground combat is totally different through but the developers have managed to keep it familiar for long time fans.

Battlefield 1 will be different but it is still the same and is mostly exciting based on the first look. Let’s hope it is equally good when the actual game rolls out this year.

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