3 Ways Sony Improved the Gaming Experience for PS4 Owners with Software Update 4.50

Sony Gaming Experience for PS4

With a vision to make gaming fun and a memorable experience, Sony has rolled out some new features on the PS4 console.

With the software update 4.50, the console becomes much better than it used to be and allows more customization.

Sony Gaming Experience for PS4

The PS4 Pro console on the other hand will receive a significant update that allows players to experience better performance on older games. Boost Mode makes use of the hardware resources available and tweaks the game’s performance. There is much debate going on with regards to this feature and it has also been confirmed that the mode will not increase frame rates but rather boost the game’s performance as a whole.

Change and Customize your Wallpaper

Such an amazing feature with plenty of customization options that you could make use of. When you have an amazing visual on screen, just grab the screenshot and it can be used as a wallpaper on your home launcher. The wallpaper option also allows you to dim the Function area  and add drop shadows to the text so that it looks better as a wallpaper. The type of background image you select or the brightness of the screenshot will not affect the text or icons on screen. The Photo Mode can be used to edit screenshots and create your own lively wallpaper.

Connect your External Hard Disk, Finally!

A feature that players have been asking for ages has finally landed on the Playstation 4 console. The software update 4.50 allows you to just plug in your external hard disk and start gaming. The console supports up to 8 TB HDDs, the largest you could purchase in the market at least until bigger drives come out. Besides, you could easily store all your games in a 1TB or 2TB hard disk without ever having to worry about running out of disk space. All USB 3.0 powered HDDs work. Games saved on your hard disk will appear on the Content Launcher and helps you easily resume your last played game or installed titles.

Sony Improved Gaming Experience

Quick Menu is Smaller and More Useful Now

The developers at Sony had overhauled the Quick Menu. The interface now takes lesser space and doesn’t cover up the entire game screen as it did earlier. You can access the screen by long pressing the PS button on your Dualshock controller. Hosting a party and playing with friends is always fun. The improved user interface makes it easy to find friends on your PS4 console, invite them for group parties, join a party and doesn’t force you to open an individual Party app to access these features. It lets you keep playing without having to spend extended periods of time on menus.

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