WhatsApp Beta Version 2.17.44 for Windows Phone Gets New Status Features

WhatsApp Beta New Status Features

After adding Status features to iOS and Android versions, WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone now brings some of the newest features to the Microsoft platform.

The developers have been busy lately but the future of the WP platform seems pretty vague at this point. Rumors afloat claims that Microsoft is planning to get rid of it and focus on Windows 10 instead. However, these claims didn’t stop them from releasing WhatsApp beta 2.17.40 for Windows Phones. As part of the update, it is possible to mute Status updates. A screenshot of the same has been posted on WABetaInfo so you could get an idea of how it looks. The feature like many will be disabled by default but you can enable it manually.

WhatsApp Beta Status Features

The beta updates for WhatsApp on Windows Phone keeps rolling. Another new version 2.17.44 will allow users to readily reply to status messages published by your friends. The interface looks a lot similar to chats but status messages actually work like the way it does on Facebook. In the second update, after you read or watch the Status message you can choose to make a comment back to your friend.

WhatsApp Beta New Status Features

If there are too many status updates from your friends, it could possibly get overwhelming at a point. The WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.17.46 will allow you to disable these status updates. It ensures that you can focus on your task and not forced to see notifications at regular intervals. Besides, the status feature is very much like group chats. People mute groups all the time due to so many updates that keep rolling out. The same will work with statuses and give users complete control over their settings.

When using WhatsApp Enterprise, you can change the business name only once. The iOS beta version has some cool UI changes which is expected to be revealed in the following days.

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