4 Great Things about the new iPhone SE

iPhone SE

News of an Apple iPhone SE being launched this week has been here for quite some time now. The event was finally held on Monday and indeed Cupertino went ahead to release the pint-sized smartphone.

Even though information about this phone came out before its release, some finer details of the phone had to wait until the official announcement.

Apple slipped into the large screen category in 2014 with the release of a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. The trend kept on the following year, something that signaled the company was leaving the 4-inch category. However, following the huge amount of 4-inch smartphones Apple sold in 2015 – 30 million units – the company definitely saw the need to come in with a more powerful, but smaller iPhone SE.

Given that the older iPhone 5S and its smaller counterparts were able to record sales of up to 30 million with the type of software and hardware they use, there is no doubt that the new iPhone SE will do even much better. The phone will definitely appeal to a wide range of markets across the globe, and here’s why.


The fact that Apple has returned to the 4-inch screen size means that the company is aware that millions of people out there still appreciate small-sized iPhones. Handling the bigger iPhone is a huge issue for many. It gets even worse when it comes to walking around with the larger iPhone 6S Plus. However, the new iPhone SE fits comfortably in one hand as well as in the pocket. Even though small, the display is still magnificent.


Rumors have been rife that the iPhone SE will wear the same features under the hood as some of the latest iPhones. This has turned out to be true as the new phone is quite a monster as far as hardware is concerned. The SE packs a 64-bit A9 CPU that comes with an embedded M9 motion co-processor.

iPhone SE

With Apple determined to make Apple Pay the go-to mobile payment system for its iDevices, the new iPhone SE also packs an NFC chip. This is the same combination of hardware that Apple used for last year’s flagship – iPhone 6S. In short, the iPhone SE is a beast compressed into a small body.


Even though the current market is full of great smartphone cameras such as those on Samsung Galaxy S7 or LG G5, the iPhone 6S has something to offer as well. The camera on the rear is a 12MP iSight snapper capable of recording 4K videos. This is the same snapper that you’ll find on the iPhone SE. Even though it’s not the best in low-light when compared to the flagships, it still offers high-quality photos.


The iPhone SE is available for just $399. This is a good price for such a decent phone, but the problem is that Apple has gone back to the 16GB variant. For more storage, you’ll have to pay an extra $100 for the 64GB variant.

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