Save up to $150 with Discounted Apple Watch at Target

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is almost one-year-old and despite its novelty, the smartwatch has failed to impress the crowd it was meant for.

Apple has recorded poor sales with this device, something that could be easily associated with its rather hefty pricing, especially when compared to lots of other Android Wear devices in the market. To date, the Apple Watch has sold about 7 million units, which is a little underwhelming for the company.

The company held an event on Monday during which the iPhone SE was released. There was also a new iPad Pro in the house, but there was no room for the Apple Watch. This was expected as rumors have been rife that the company is still not working on a replacement for the first generation Watch. Rather, the event saw Cupertino come in with a few new nylon bands.

The event also saw Apple come in with a small price drop of $50 for its line of Apple Watch Sport, however, other non-Sport models kept their price tags. Despite the reduction, the price still looks a little hefty for a smartwatch. However, for those who embrace Apple’s luxury design, this is the time to jump into the wearable market.

The drop in the price of the Apple Watch is with no doubt a move made by the company in a bid to save the dwindling sales of this device. But it remains to be seen whether the move will be helpful or not.

Target selling the Apple Watch with up to $100 off the normal price

Even though Apple has made some price variations in its store, there are even better deals out there for anyone looking for the lowest prices on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Target is one of those retailers you should target if discounts are what you want with this wearable. In addition to the $50 price cut by Apple, the retailer is also shaving off another $50 on entry-level Apple Watch Sport models, availing the device for just $249 as opposed to Apple Store’s $299. The deals get even sweeter as you go higher, reaching up to $100 of discount.

For instance, the Apple Store sells the standard 42mm Apple Watch that features a stainless steel body and fluoroelastomer plastic bands at $600 but Target sales the same watch at $500. For this, you save $100.

Apple wants you to save an extra $50 for the Apple Watch, but Target wants you to save $100 or $150. The deals are also available on Best Buy.


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