4 Ways To Play Offensively With Overwatch’s Ana

Overwatch Ana

A big reveal took place just a day ago and Overwatch players are overly rejoiced at the moment because Blizzard unveiled a brand new support hero to the rooster.

The game had about twenty heroes till now which is definitely not a huge number but the number of maps, the colorful presentation and the ever changing game modes ensured people were not bored. With Ana, players can support their team like never before. People who love helping their team win and not taking kills should probably pick this new sniper healer without second thoughts. But, it is not totally support but you can actually play offensively by making use of the skills Ana has.

Heal Less, Kill More

Instead of using Ana’s rifle to heal your opponents all the time, you can make her a real killer by using it to reduce the health of your enemies. In Overwatch, it is all about ensuring that you take the right shots at the right moment. The sniper rifle gives a whole new level of accuracy to the hero. Shoot down enemies who are on running low on health. Their health will continue to deteriorate until they die as it causes ongoing damage.

Focus on Support

A good Overwatch player can balance between being offensive and defensive. While Ana can heal opponents continuously, don’t focus on tanks. They usually can take more damage and doesn’t need much of your assistance. Instead, focus on the support and the defensive players on the enemy team. They are usually easy to kill and it is much easier especially with your high scope sniper rifle.


Biotic Grenade Can Actually Kill

The biotic grenade is a useful weapon which deals damage to enemies and heals teammates. Using it in the middle of a battle is not the best way to go. You can throw it when the fight is almost over and probably there are only two heroes alive on your side. However, enemies will be fleeing with low health. It can help you get kills instantly or in another scenario, heals your team so they can chase down fleeing enemies with confidence.

Put Them to Sleep

It is actually easy to kill one when you make them sleep but the problem is that they will instantly wake up when you start attacking. A good way to make use of this ability is to throw a sleeping dart on an enemy and using the biotic grenade which gives very less time for them to escape your killing blow.

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