Overwatch Competitive Mode Limits Teams From Picking The Same Hero

Overwatch Competitive Mode

The competitive mode or any mode for that sake could be really annoying in Overwatch when an entire team of players pick the same Torbjorn, Soldier 76 or any other hero for that matter.

A game is usually never complete or competent when almost everyone is using the same ultimate powers over and over again. The world of Overwatch is supposed to be balanced but with only twenty heroes to pick from not including the newly launched Ana and no limit on picking the same hero twice or thrice, players end up going for the same. An entire team of same heroes is never fun which is now fixed in the competitive mode.

Developers of Overwatch, Blizzard can’t stop people from going for the same character twice in other modes. Most would claim that it is simply fun to go for it and for obvious reasons, the same hero has a huge fanbase. Sometimes they are easy to play with, more powerful or have powers that could change the game at every point. Competitive mode is not for casuals and Blizzard has established it one more time with a new update.


According to the patch, players will be limited to one hero per team and the same cannot be picked over again. The patch is already implemented in the public test realm and the PC platform. It will soon be rolled out to PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Quick Play doesn’t have any such restrictions at all.

“We are really excited to make the announcement for the competitive mode. It ensures that players can’t stack the same hero in competitive matches. Taking the mode with a serious note is mandatory and we are doing it to ensure the best, challenging experience for all players on board. For those who simply love to enjoy it without any stress or skill rating, there are plenty of other game modes to pick in Overwatch,” said Scott Mercer, Blizzard’s principal designer.

In the newest update, a couple of heroes were revamped so as to make the game more balanced. Blizzard has released a complete patch and the list of changes made to heroes in their official website. You can read them there. And, make sure to check out Ana the new healer with a sniper rifle that could heal teammates or kill enemies from a distance. More about the hero is detailed in an introduction video and we expect new maps to be rolled out real soon.

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