5 Amazing Android Apps in March 2018 that You Should Download Right Now

Die-With-Me 5 Amazing Android Apps in March 2018

The Google Play Store is an interesting spot to be where you get to see a huge collection of new games and apps that drop in almost every other day.

These are some of the best Android apps in March 2018 that you should download right away.

Spiky Trees

Spiky Trees is such a beautiful and addictive game in which you keep moving cube so that it doesn’t hit the spikes. The gameplay mechanism is simple but that’s what makes it very engaging. The animation is awesome and it’s super smooth testing your reflex skills with increased difficulty.


If you spend a lot of time on your phone reading news and social media updates, Feedster is a must-have app. The app allows you to curate all your favorite content from top sources in one convenient screen. There is no need to individually open all these apps. The app now supports Feedly, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and Instagram while more sites are expected to be added later.

feedster 5 Amazing Android Apps in March 2018

Die With Me

An extremely fun app which detects when your phone’s battery goes below 5% and will find users around the globe whose battery is about to die as well. It will let you chat with each other in the last minutes before both your phones die together. Die With Me is a fun social networking idea and is more of a game than an app.

Cake Browser

A new browser on Android specifically designed for people who search a lot in Google but want a convenient interface to browse through results. You can swipe left or right through search results with the feature to switch between links, videos or images. It also supports an offline saving option to save searches and web pages to view them without an active internet connection.

Cake-browser 5 Amazing Android Apps in March 2018

Lens Distortion

The app which is still in its early stages allows you to add lens distortion to photos, making them look more artistic and fun. You will get access to a collection of five different lens distortion effects to choose from and will look awesome on the right kind of photograph. It doesn’t rely on a purchase model though and if you love the app so much, you can consider paying $1 per month subscription fee to gain access to an entire suite of lens distortions.

Most of the Android apps and games in March 2018 mentioned here are free while a paid version will get you additional features or remove those pesky ads.

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