Samsung Galaxy S9 Loses to Apple iPhone X in Performance Benchmarking Tests

iphone x vs galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ are the celebrated flagship phones right now.

Their closest competitors like the OnePlus 6, next iPhone X or Google Pixel 3 are still months away from getting an official announcement.

Right from the first leak, it was clear that Samsung is not going to innovate much with the Galaxy S9 series as they were playing it safe in 2018. The phone retains all the best aspects of the Galaxy S8 including the beautiful slim design, bezel-less display and a compact shape that is easy to hold. The model had all its attention on the camera and as soon as the announcement was made, it was evident Galaxy S9 beat the iPhone X with its brilliant photographic capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S9

While it started off on a good note for Samsung, a new performance benchmarking test results suggest that Apple iPhone X is the clear winner when it comes to sheer hardware power. The test was conducted by a popular tech page named AnandTech which after extensive testing confirmed that the A11 chip used in the iPhone X is way more powerful than any other Qualcomm Snapdragon processor used in most flagship phones these days.

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The benchmarking tests confirmed that the Snapdragon 845 chipset used in the Galaxy S9 not only lost every test against the A11 chip but it even failed to perform better than the A10 chip found in Apple’s iPhone 7. Samsung uses two different processors in their flagship phones and the Snapdragon 845 is nowhere close to the A11 but the company’s own Exynos 9810 didn’t fare as well when directly compared with Apple’s hardware.

Galaxy S9 facial recognition

Samsung has complete control over the Exynos chip but their lack of control over Android software gives Apple the winning edge. The Cupertino company also manufactures the most powerful chip on the planet enabling them to do high profile 3D face recognition whereas Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ still use 2D face recognition which is inferior technology. Samsung continues to use a fingerprint sensor in their flagship devices as their face ID recognition is not as secure as Apple’s iPhone X and could easily be fooled using a photograph.

While the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have the best camera possible, they still have to compete with Google Pixel 3 and newer LG phones when they get released. Apple iPhone X continues to be on top in terms of performance and user experience that facilitates them to continue to be the top player in the market.

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