5 Best Heroes You Should Try in Overwatch Today

Best Heroes in Overwatch

Overwatch is the most happening multiplayer title of recent times and has a simple rooster, comprising 21 heroes. Each one of them can be handled differently with unique tactics and strategies.

At first look, all of them might look the same. You could probably jump into the battle without any difficulty and may even secure some kills. But, on the long run, it is mandatory to understand the strength and weakness of each hero. We pick the top five heroes who you should try right away. Your most favorite character could probably evolve from this list; at least we hope so!

Solider 76

There is no way to play Overwatch without trying Soldier 76 at least once. There are so many to choose from, but for newbies and those who like to enjoy an amazing shooter, he is the way to go. The character is probably the least complex of them all in the game. He is versatile to handle any situation and all you have to do is fire at the enemy without thinking twice to bag a kill.


Not an offensive, but a pure support! Mercy is similar to the medics found in Call of Duty and Battlefield games. She can change the tide of the battle by healing her teammates. Mercy also has the capability to revive dead teammates. She is a dedicated support for those who don’t like going offensive.

5 Best Heroes in Overwatch


Do you love being the sniper? Most people do in every game and Overwatch is no different. Widowmaker is a sniper and that should clear any doubts. She’s got so much range, can plant mines and even use grapple hooks. Make sure you are patient to secure kills when playing her as she’s slow and needs one sure shot to take down an enemy.


For first person shooter and MOBA veterans, Genji is the character to go for. If you are bored of the existing, easy to play heroes, Genji is going to give a really tough competition. He can hit and instantly get out of the battle, but requires the best reflexes in town. Ready for a challenge?


The best tanker in the game right after the popular Bastion. Roadhog is really good at keeping the entire enemy team busy while the snipers and other long range heroes could kill them all. He got a chain hook to pull opponents for successful ganking. Difficult to master, but worth your time spent.

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