PS4 Exclusive Title Horizon Zero Dawn Pushed to 2017

PS4 Exclusive -Horizon Zero Dawn

Another PS4 exclusive is in development titled Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is being developed by the people behind the popular title Killzone.

It has been officially announced that the team has decided to postpone the launch of the title to next year. The news is shocking for players who were looking forward to enjoying an exclusive game on their favorite Playstation 4 console. Earlier, it was announced that the game will find its way to the platform before the end of 2016. However, based on a recent update it’s going to be a really long wait, as it could be in the middle or towards the end of next year. The information was released by Sony in their official Playstation blog.

While they have stated the title should be out on February 28 next year, we really can’t bet high on the release dates. Developers have started postponing games, off late. Uncharted 4 is another PS4 exclusive which got delayed so many times, in multiple years, before it finally reached the console. In order to keep things exciting, the development team Guerilla games has released a new trailer for Horizon.

Horizon Zero Dawn

In their statement, the company said, “It was really a tough decision that we had to take for the betterment of the game. We know that many of you out there are really eager to play the game first hand. Horizon Zero Dawn has generated lot of hype with its amazing visuals and new gameplay perspective. Our team is committed to delivering the experience we have promised since its announcement. In order to achieve the ambitious vision, we would like to take time and the new date will allow us to make it possible”.

They added that the team is putting in a lot of effort to see the game reach heights. The developers sought after support from buyers and expect it to witness amazing sales when it gets launched next year. The PS4 exclusive title was announced at E3 the 2015, where the players will have the opportunity to explore the world in day and night, giving them a comprehensive experience. It also had a large map filled with forests, mountains and other locations, probably inspired by the worlds created by Elder Scrolls series.

Zero Dawn is focusing on a single player campaign and will not have a multiplayer mode. With the PS4K around the corner, this could be a title that redefines the console’s graphics fidelity to gamers.

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