5 Best Paid iOS Apps That are Now Free

iOS Blink

Every week and during sale, Apple continues to promote some of their best iOS apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The latest weekend not only offers some of the best apps with a discount but rather they are now free for you to download.

When you have the option to get the best for free, why not make use of the opportunity?

Symbolic Calculator (Free) Originally $0.99

The original price of $0.99 isn’t too much for the Symbolic calculator but now it has gone totally free. So you got no reasons to not use it. The app is the best pick for students, engineers and teachers because it is capable of handling university level mathematics providing graphs, and graphics to let you know the answers in the most detailed way.

iOS symbolic calculator

Frugi ($4.99)

How often have you spent a lot in a month and wonder where did all the money go? Frugi puts an end to the expenditure by making you frugal because it shows how much you have spent so far, on what and set a monthly budget so that you don’t exceed it. The calculations are done automatically saving you time and providing the info you need instantly.

Tiny Defense Game ($2.99)

A lot of games are on the iOS platform but some do stand out like the Tiny Defense game which is now free to download. The game takes place on a Green Planet filled with Mini Robots and the intense action packed game is a superb pick for you to game whenever you are waiting for a train or simply bored at office.

iOS Tiny Defense

Blink – Video Editing App ($3.99)

Blink is a video editing app withlots of options including 19 different filters, more than 8 adjustment levels and multiple color correction options to provide the best outlook for your videos.

A Dark Room – Game

While the title might sound quite different, more like a horror film, it is actually a game. A Dark Room is based on text based adventure going back to the 70s when computers had similar games. However, you will be playing it on your smartphone. The iPhone is easily one of the best hardware you could get and this game is a fun addition to it.

With all these apps free to download on your iOS devices, there is no denying that this is the best time to grab them all and fill up your smartphone or tablet with some useful, fun content.

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