Nokia 8 Expected to Cost $600 to Rival Other Flagship Models

Nokia 8

The New Nokia 8 the flagship smartphone from HMD is about to hit Europe and United States among other regions in about two weeks.

Right before its launch, a new rumor from a possibly official source claims that the phone will be pr iced at $600 outright making it much cheaper than most flagship models.

Companies like Samsung, LG and Apple are known for pricing their flagship models at at least $800 or so. If we are to believe the big rumors circulating repeatedly, the Apple iPhone 8 is going to go beyond the roof with a hefty price tag of $1000 or above. Unless you are going to buy one of these with a two year contract and bind yourself to the cell service provider, there is literally no other way to manage such expensive phones. Meanwhile, the mid-range models are usually priced at $400 or so.

Nokia 8 flagship models

With the upcoming Nokia 8 flagship smartphone that provides some of the best hardware components in recent times, the company plans to set a new benchmark by pricing it at $600 in the United States. The model will be priced much lower at 517 Euros making it an exceptionally cheap yet efficient device to buy if you live in the continent. Earlier, it was rumored that the phone will not be priced any less than 600 Euros. However, the listing made by Romania listing by none other than the reputed cellphone operator Vodafone confirms the pricing is official. Besides, mobile operators know much better about smartphone pricing than individual retailers.

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Vodafone may also sell the Nokia 8 with a discounted price but even if it is true, the company is definitely not reducing such a huge price tag of 600 euros and it should be somewhere close to the 517 specified by the company. The pricing policy followed in the Western European markets is the same and if there is any slight change, it will be because of the VAT but not because the manufacturer is varying the prices.

nokia 8 look

The specifications of the Nokia 8 has been long rumored and it will be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor combined with 6GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space. The micro SD card slot should allow users to easily expand their storage space as they like. The phone’s camera is rumored to be its selling point as the lens will be made by Carl Zeiss yet again and it’s performance might make it a tough competitor to the likes of Samsung and Apple.

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