5 Best Paid iOS Apps You Could Download for Free Today

Ios Chat Deck - Unlimited Chat Topics And Starters

The weekend is here and so does the weekly list of paid iOS apps available for free.

You can download them all for free without paying anything and permanently associate these apps to your own account.

The iOS 11 is about to get launched and Apple is going to host their big event to launch the iPhone 8 smartphone. While things are going on a rapid pace, there is always time to grab these apps right away as it would save you a couple of dollars and make your phone more productive or fun to use.

Echo Dawn Shattered Visions

The game which usually sells for $0.99 is now free for the weekend. It is an action RPG in which a group of youngsters have to fight against aliens. It is up to you to customize, develop a strategy and beat those enemies.

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Paper Cutter

A simple puzzle that has been used in many tests and as a game among those who consider themselves erudite. The game has a wolf, goat and a cabbage. The problem is, you can’t leave one of the two pairs behind as they will feed on their respective food items. It takes hours and only the most brilliant can solve the puzzle in just 2 minutes.

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ios Paper cutter

Chat Deck – Break the Ice

When talking to friends, family or colleagues, it begins difficult to keep the conversation going. Chat Deck has over 144 cars, each one of them has a question that breaks the ice and starts a conversation. It is a fun game for everyone especially during family trips and for friends who are bored in a common meet.

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Secret Browser

An iOS app for the iPhone and the iPad that helps you browse without leaving a trace. When photos, files and links are saved through the secret browser, they don’t allow anyone else to read them. Security is provided through pattern lock, pass code and touch ID. It is easy to hide all private files in your phone.

Download AppIos Studio Music Player DX

Studio Music Player DX

Convert your simple headphones into high quality studio headphones with the help of this app. It boosts the bass, treble and mid by a huge gain that even simple air pods would sound like they are professional earphones. A great pick for those who love music and want the best output from their iPhones. All these apps free to download before the weekend is over. Grab it quickly!

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