Brand New Photos of Mercedes AMG Hypercar Emerges

Mercedes AMG Hypercar look

The Mercedes-AMG hypercar is the most anticipated launch ever because the model is expected to set a benchmark for all other automobile brands.

Be it the top speed, acceleration or the type of engine used in the car, everything stands apart from the rest.

Brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren are the ones which usually focus on hypercars that set new records in the German track. This time, Mercedes which is dominantly known as the luxury car maker had joined the fray and would like to showcase their mettle by partnering with AMG. A bunch of details along with a couple of amazing teaser shots have emerged online providing a cool inside look of what to expect from this hyped model from Mercedes.

Mercedes AMG Hypercar

Inspired by the Formula One DNA, the Mercedes AMG model is capable of producing up to 1,000 horsepower and if rumors are to be believed the car will come with a price tag of 2.4million British Pounds. The Frankfurt Motor Show is just around the corner where the Project One model will make its grand debut. While the brand has officially released some of the images, they didn’t specifically reveal the design elements of the model. Most of the teaser photos are very dark providing an outline of the model which is slim, aggressive and very much like a sports car. Such a design is essential for the aerodynamics to work as intended.

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Mercedes AMG has confirmed that their upcoming Project One model will be able to go up to 217 mph. The brand has revealed a lot of interesting information and specs about the car. All the latest technology is being bundled within the vehicle including a 1.6-liter turbo V6 engine. It has been tweaked in such a way that the automobile engineers behind Project One are confident it should easily cross the 1000hp mark.

Mercedes AMG Hypercar frankaunt motor show

Based on the shadowy images released today, it is evident that there is no rear windscreen in the car. It features a race car inspired low roofline and the sideview shows an air scoop which is mounted on the roof. According to Mercedes, they have worked closely with the engineers at AMG to create Project One which is the most efficient hypercar ever released. Instead of focusing solely on the performance, the designers have worked on making the car look as road friendly as possible.

“What we have done is very unique and most are not capable of recreating it which is why our team is confident that Project One will be a hypercar like no other,” commented Kallenius.

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