5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need the New Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Upgrade

PlayStation 4 Pro

In a few weeks’ time, Sony will make the PlayStation 4 Pro console an official thing. Believed to be priced in the regions of $400, the gaming console is touted as the best when it comes to VR gaming. But does this make it a must-have upgrade?

If you are still pondering on this decision, here are 5 reasons to make you think even harder about the decision to upgrade to Sony PlayStation 4 Pro when it is unveiled on November 10.

Backwards compatibility

Some PlayStation 4 owners might be worried to death with the gaming experience they get on the standard version compared to what the new PlayStation 4 Pro will be offering. Well, apparently, all future games will also be compatible with the standard PS4. In short, all games that will be released for the PlayStation 4 Pro will also be available for the standard version. So, why make the switch?

No significant performance improvements

It has remained to be an obvious thing for device owners that whenever a newer model comes in, there are significant improvements in the performance aspect. Well, the new PlayStation 4 Pro comes with very powerful hardware than its predecessor, however, this is only because of the 4K conversion as well as VR experience. As far as ensuring that gamers enjoy a steady 1080p/60fps experience, there is probably no significant jump. If you are one of those who are not that into VR and 4K stuff, there shouldn’t be any major reason to make the switch from your current PlayStation 4.

Limited game titles supported

As at the time of this writing, those looking to get a PlayStation 4 Pro console can only enjoy a limited set of games. Apparently, only 30 titles are supported on PS4 Pro. Of course, this isn’t such a bad figure to start with, but considering that many games released before 2016 have not been updated to include PlayStation 4 Pro support, it could mean that developers are not yet convinced about the new platform. If this is the case, making the switch might hurt your gaming life, thus, it is better to keep still with your standard version.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Expensive 4K TVs

In order to enjoy a quality VR experience and VR4K content on your PlayStation 4 Pro, you also need a 4K TV set. If you don’t have this device yet, you will be forced to part with at least $1000 in order to get yourself a nice TV. Keep in mind that this pricing doesn’t include the gaming console itself, which should also set you back about $400. Are you in for this much spending?

PlayStation 4 is now discounted

Whenever a new product is released, prices of the predecessor tend to drop. Well, this is the same case with the current PlayStation 4. You need only $299 to get yourself a new PS4 from the shelves, but as noted earlier, this price tag will demand an extra $100 to give you a PlayStation 4 Pro. Whether the support for 4K and VR content is worth this extra pay or not will depend on you, but still, for $299, you will be getting a gaming console that is equipped with great technology yet at a very reasonable price.

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