Four-Door Mahindra e2o Plus Electric Car Teaser Image Released

4Door Mahindra e2o Plus Electric Car Teaser

Indian auto manufacturer Mahindra is stepping into the UK automobile market and keeping up with the trends, the company is going to launch an all-electric car.

The four-door model named the e2o Plus was teased in a series of teaser images. The car’s launch price has not been confirmed but the three-door version of the same car is already available in the region, priced at £12,995. Going by the same, we can easily confirm that the upcoming model will not be expensive and the price tag should make most buyers happy.

Four-Door Mahindra e2o Plus Electric Car

Inside sources claimed that the new model will be priced around £15,000. The teaser images show the design of the vehicle and the modifications that has been done to the body to place a fourth door in it. With the extra space, passengers will have more headroom and the Mahindra e2o also turns into a family friendly model with an affordable price tag.

Mahindra has not released much details with regards to the particular model. The current model is powered by a 31 kW electric motor that is capable of producing 42 horsepower with 91 Nm of torque. The car has a top speed of 63 miles per hour and can go from 0 to 25 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds. It can reach up to 50 miles per hour in 18 seconds. The numbers are not designed to compete with any hyper car but rather to allow people to reach their desired destination on a decent electric car that is easy to own.

The same version of the e20, the two door model is available in India and is priced much lower to suit the market trends in the country. Mahindra has made some sophisticated modifications in the car to suit the UK audience before launching it. An equally competitive model is the Renault Twizy priced at £18,445 and the price difference is major that gives Mahindra’s model the winning edge.

4Door Mahindra e2o Plus Electric Car Teaser

A total of 79 miles of range is offered by the e2o and it is available in two different trimlines – the e2o city and e2o TechX. The base model has electric windows, fabric seats, power steering and LCD digital instrument panel. The TechX is a sophisticated version of the same car with satellite navigation, touchscreen system, powerful air conditioner and has a dedicated smartphone app using which passengers can control the functionalities. A range of safety features are also included in the model.

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