5 reasons Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a better buy than Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is finally out of the rumor mills following the official unveiling on Wednesday this week.

Following the numerous leaks, there were barely any anticipated surprises when the company took to the stage to announce the phone at an event in New York. The design, features and specs had all been leaked days before, with the only things that many were waiting for being the price and official release date.

Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 will sell at $930 for the unlocked model and it will start shipping on September 15th, although this is not true for all markets across the globe. In fact, only a handful of markets will be able to get their hands on the phone as per the dates.

There are those who have been waiting for this phone to be unveiled before making a decision on which one to buy with respect to the Galaxy S8+ that was released a few months ago. Now that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is here, it’s time to make this decision. And we think we have one for you to consider – that the S8+ is a better buy than the Note 8.

Bigger battery

The last time Samsung tried to use a huge battery in a Galaxy Note phone, we all know what happened. As a result, the company has a 3300mAh battery unit inside the 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a unit that some have complained is way smaller for a device of this size.

This is where the Galaxy S8+ comes in, boasting a bigger 3500mAh battery unit on a screen size that is relatively smaller than the Note 8. This should mean you get a slightly longer battery life on the S8+ compared to what you’ll get on the Note 8. Who doesn’t want a phone with a longer lasting battery?

It’s big and better

Samsung has been marketing the Galaxy Note 8 as your companion for doing big and better things, something whose first reference falls to the massive screen size of the phone. At 6.3 inches, the Note 8 is the biggest ever in the Note family. It’s also the biggest Samsung smartphone around, but it’s just 0.1 inches bigger than the Galaxy S8+.

Honestly, this won’t make a significant difference in your user experience, something that takes away one aspect of the Note family. Usually, people would buy the Note phones due to their sheer size, but with the S8+ so close to the Note 8, this won’t be a reason enough to set apart the two phones.

Performance specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is without a doubt the most powerful Sammy phone on the market. With a Snapdragon 835 SoC (other markets get an Exynos 8895) and 6GB RAM, this is a beast of a phone. The storage capacity is at 64GB, but you can also dig around and get a 128GB or 256GB variant.

The Galaxy S8+, on the other hand, has the same processor, but the RAM is 4GB with 64GB of storage. Still, there are ways you could get your hands on a high-end variant of the S8+, which has 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage, bringing it to the same level as the Note 8. Nonetheless, the performance levels you get from whatever combination will still be top-notch, regardless of the device you pick.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Nothing new to the design

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the same design language as the Galaxy S8+. The curved screen that leaves close to no bezels on the bottom and top side, the on-screen buttons, the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner as well as the metal and glass build. These two phones have a lot in common from the outside and if you have been holding out for the Galaxy Note 8 hoping that it will come with a much-changed design compared to the S8 and S8+, you’ll be disappointed.

The camera on the back of the Galaxy Note 8 has two 12MP sensors as opposed to the single 12MP unit used on the S8+. However, you can be sure that the photos captured by each handset will be as good as you can imagine, although the Note 8 is expected to get the better of the S8+ in some cases.


After everything, it all comes down to price. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a price tag of $930 for the unlocked model. This is $100 more than the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8+. If you feel like you really need an S Pen, a smaller battery unit, a dual-lens camera and an extra 2GB of RAM, well, you are welcome to spend the extra $100 and get the Galaxy Note 8, otherwise, you are good to go with the S8+ – or even the standard S8, which costs $200 less.

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