Games with Gold for Xbox One in Sept Kicks Off with Forza Motorsport 5

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With the month of September about to begin in a month, Microsoft has already listed the games that are about to be given away as Games with Gold in the first week of the month.

The upcoming deals sound very interesting because a balanced mix of AAA titles are available along with some indie gems that are sure to offer a great gaming experience. The month will kick off with the biggest game of all time, Forza Motorsport 5: Game of the Year Edition. The title needs no introduction to Xbox fans. It is one of the must play Xbox exclusives and if you have already subscribed for the Xbox Live Gold Membership.

The team behind Xbox released a cool trailer to give players a glimpse of what to expect next month. Forza Motorsport 5 obviously features the best in class graphics as it gets launched on the newest Xbox One console and it will also receive a 4K update in a couple of months, when the Xbox One X console gets launched. The racing simulator bundles all the maps released so far with a wide range of cars to choose from.

Xbox One forza motorsport

Next in the line is the indie title Oxenfree which looks very cute and cuddly, yet has a serious storyline to it. The side scroller follows the adventures of a group of young people who ends up bringing supernatural forces to life and now have to survive the race against unseen powers that keeps hurdling them at every turn. The game uses text based dialog boxes to let players know what is going on and the emotional turmoil the characters undergo as they overcome obstacles. A unique take on indie genre and is worth your time.

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Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a jet ski and boat racing title that may not have the best-looking visuals but the arcade styled race seems fun right from the beginning. If you have Xbox One Live gold membership, you can get these titles for free while other players can purchase them for highly discounted prices. The month of August is coming to an end and it will be a couple of days before the new Games for Gold and Spotlight Sale is unlocked.

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Apart from these three titles, Xbox One and Xbox 360 will also receive a copy of Battlefield 3 is they are subscribed to the service. It offers an equally impressive campaign and multiplayer battles.

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