5 Reasons Why WhatsApp Video Calling is Ahead of Google Duo

WhatsApp 2.16.318 Video Calling

Just recently, WhatsApp video calling made it to the beta version of this Facebook-owned chat app after a period of speculations that stretches back to 2015.

The feature adds to the voice calling and messaging feature already offered on the app, which is also the most popular when it comes to mobile communication. However, it comes at a time when Google has also introduced its video-focused Duo app, which meant to cater for mobile video callers only. WhatsApp begun as a strictly mobile-only app, but it now has a standalone PC app alongside a web version, both offering the same features and services as the main mobile version.

With Google Duo aiming to take over the world of video calling, what should make WhatsApp users stick to their trusted player even when Google is boasting one of the easiest apps to use? Stay tuned!

Ease of use

There is no doubt that Google Duo has a video calling feature that could be easiest to use. However, WhatsApp has built its success on the fact that it offers very easy and simple to use services. This is the same thing you get with the app’s video calling feature. The fact that most people are already accustomed to using WhatsApp also makes it an even better choice for the same purposes.

Like placing a voice call, all you need is to tap the call button and choose between a voice and video call. On the other hand, Google Duo requires that you tap the “Video call” button and a list of contacts will show up. You can then pick the person you want to call from the list.

WhatsApp has more in one window

WhatsApp, as noted earlier, offers messaging, voice and now video calling services. On the other hand, Google Duo only offers video calls. This means that in an open WhatsApp chat, there is more that you can do on a single interface – write a text message, share a video file, forward a photo to a friend or group chat, make a voice call or a video call, among others. As for Duo, you only get the option to make a video call on its interface.

WhatsApp video calls are faster to make

When you want to place a WhatsApp video call, all you need is to hit the call button when chatting with a person. As for Google Duo, you have to hit the Video call button first, head over to the contacts list and then proceed with the call. On the flipside, starting a WhatsApp video call from scratch may also involve a few hassles, including searching for the contact in the list, open a chat and then hit the call button when inside the chat.

WhatsApp and Google Duo

Huge following

WhatsApp has more than 1.1 billion monthly active users, a figure that Google Duo only sees in dreams. With this in mind, it is more reasonable to have a video calling feature on the former than having another app for the same purposes. The fact that WhatsApp has a huge following also makes it easy for you to find someone to chat with, but for Duo, you might have to convince your friends personally for them to make the switch.

Low data usage

WhatsApp has a Low data usage feature that allows calls to be placed over 2G networks while at the same time reducing the amount of data used. Even though Google claims that Duo can also work with the poorest networks out there, this is yet to materialize as the app still shows some real lags when making calls over slow networks. In short, you need 3G or 4G to make a stable video call using Google Duo.

What else makes WhatsApp video calling a better option than Google Duo? Share your views in the comments.

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