How to Use Google Allo on Your Windows PC

Google Allo

Google Allo is less than a few months old, but it has already garnered a significant number of downloads from the Play Store.

In the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones, Google Hangouts has been replaced with Google Duo and Google Allo – two apps that the company is pushing hard into the mobile niche. The search engine giant wants to position Hangouts as a business app, allowing users to enjoy it seamlessly on their mobile devices as well as PCs. What Google seems to have forgotten is that the office of today allows workers to bring over their mobile devices. With such a situation, it is easy to find yourself in a case where you would have loved it to get some pieces of information shared on your Google Allo app and use them directly on your PC without any hassles of cables and wireless transfer of files.

Google Hangouts offers a perfect solution to this as it is available on mobile and PCs, seamlessly syncing all contents such that they can be accessed from whatever device you have signed in from. As far as Google Allo is concerned, this is not possible since the app only comes with a mobile version.

But there is a trick that can let you enjoy Google Allo on your PC, accessing the same messages from your desktop and responding to them as you would do using your mobile phone. But since the app is mobile-only, there are some workarounds needed to make this possible.

google allo

Thanks to the Pushbullet team it is now possible to use Google Allo on your PC. The popular notification mirroring application is at it again, but you will still need to get the latest version of Allo in order for this to work. You also need to install the latest version of the Pushbullet app on the same phone as well as on your PC.

The Pushbullet app is available for download via the Google Play Store, but once you sign in to the app, make sure you have enabled the “Notification mirroring” option. When done, follow it up by setting up the PC client using the same account. In no time, you will start seeing your Google Allo notifications on your PC.

Whether or not Google will at some point come in with a standalone PC app for Allo or even a browser plug-in is still early to say, but it cannot be written off.

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