5 Reasons Why Every Motorist should upgrade to iOS 10

iOS 10 upgrade

Smartphones have now become an integral part of our lives. And for the carmakers, iPhone integration with their automobile’s multimedia system has become an almost crucial necessity these days.

There have been quite a few important updates and new features that come with the recently released iOS 10 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, out of which five features will truly be very beneficial to the motorists who commute daily by their car or bike.

iOS 10 upgrade

  1. Shows the Parked Location of Your Vehicle

Though Apple Maps have not received the same love and importance as the Google Maps, a new feature that has been recently embedded within the conventional navigation app of Apple may be helpful to those users who usually get confused with the parking spaces. This requires the location services to be switched on in your mobile device and it should be connected to your vehicle’s Bluetooth or CarPlay system. With this, the iOS device will automatically save the parked location of your car. A notification with the necessary details will be sent to the device. So you can now just navigate back to your vehicle with these coordinates to find your vehicle. You can enable this feature on your device from Settings > Maps > Location and activate ‘Show Parked Location’.

Show Parked Location Apple Maps

  1. New Face for the Stopwatch

Well, if you have been using the old stopwatch from iPhone on those very occasional track day events, then it is high time you need to have the new watch face, which is quite interesting. The new design has been inspired by motorsports and is slick, canny, and automatic. All you have to do is swipe over the old watch and Voila! The new watch face is revealed.

  1. Announce the Caller Names

This should be one feature which bikers will probably love to have. It is similar to the nifty feature of the old Nokia devices, where a computerized voice would say out loud the caller’s name. For the iOS devices, it will be good old Siri doing the talk. This function will work for all the incoming calls, only when the device is connected to the car’s hands-free device or to the headphones. So now you will not have to pull away your eyes from the roads while driving to see who is calling. Activate this feature on your device from Settings > Phone > Announce Calls and enable it.

Announce Calls iOS devices

  1. Camera as a Magnifier

Another new addition to the iOS 10 accessibility features is the ability to double the camera’s use as a magnifying glass, by just clicking thrice on the home button. Though the magnifying glass may not be of much use and may have very less usability number, it might come handily when you are least expecting it in some situation. You can enable this feature from your Settings >General>Accessibility>Vision and activate the Magnifier.

  1. New Emojis Representing Porsche Cars

Emojis Porsche Cars for iOS 10

The iMessage app that has been revised will now come with a compatibility for custom keyboards and stickers, by taking advantage of apps like Automoji, which costs Rs. 60/-. Kevin McCauley, a renowned emoji artist, has developed the app. The artwork he has presented for iMessage covers all the Porsche cars from over the years which have been awarded the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The new Porsche emojis include the cars of the 918 Spyder, the 959, and the most popular 911 models.

So, if you haven’t upgraded your phone yet with the iOS 10, then these are the five reasons why you should probably do it right away.

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