Facebook Introduces Marketplace, A Place to Buy and Sell within a Community

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is a place where people from around the world connect.

However, in the recent few years, Facebook is being used more for buying and selling products by connecting people with the business brands and dealers. The activity initially started on the Facebook Groups and has grown considerably. An average of 450 million people per month, visit the groups which allow selling and buying of products. These sellers and buyers include people from a local neighborhood to the collectors from around the world.

Facebook Marketplace Buy and Sell

Facebook is introducing Marketplace to help people in making more such connections for buying and selling goods and products. The Marketplace is a convenient destination where the people can discover more about selling and buying items with others within your community. It makes it easier to find the things you might want to buy or even sell the items you are ready to part with.

To visit the Marketplace, all you have to do is just tap on the shopping icon which is present at the bottom of the Facebook app, and you can start exploring now.

Catch up with the Sale near You

When you open the Facebook Marketplace, the photos of the items which are put up for sale by the people near you are displayed. There is a search bar on the top in case you need to find something specific. There is also a filter available to sort out the items based on the category, price, and location. There are categories like Household, Apparel, and Electronics which can be browsed with a wide range of products. You can use the tool for the built-in location so that your preferred region for shopping can be adjusted, or you can also swap it to an entirely different city too.

Facebook Marketplace Sale near You

When you do come across something that is interesting, you can tap on the image to view more details about the product from the seller including the name and photo of the seller, the general location, and the product description. You can also save the item so that you can come back to it later. Once you have decided what you want to buy, you can send a direct message to the seller from Marketplace and the purchase talk details can be initiated with the seller by telling about your interest, pricing quotes, and place of delivery and other choices.

Facebook has made it very clear that it does not aid or assist the payment or delivery of the products in Marketplace.

Post Your Items for Sale                  

You can as well sell your items which you might not need anymore as easily as browsing to buy one with just a few steps.

The first step would be obviously to take a picture of the item you wish to sell and upload it at Facebook Marketplace. You should add details about the product name, price, and description of the product. You should select a category which fits best for your product. Confirm your location and post it on Marketplace. So now anyone who is looking to buy the item can look up at your location and message you if they wish to make the purchase.

Your Items section Facebook Marketplace

You can post the product-for-sale details at Marketplace and also at some other sell and buy group at the same time. You can keep a track of all your past and current transactions which have been done at Marketplace by visiting the ‘Your Items’ section. Here, you can view all the items which you have saved, the products which you have posted for sale, and also the messages which have been sent in between you and the people while buying/selling the items.

Rolling Out Soon to Many Countries

The Marketplace feature should be rolling out initially in the next few days for just four countries including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. It will be available in these countries for everyone who is 18 years old and above.

Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace is available on the Facebook app for both Android and iPhone versions. Facebook is looking forward to expanding the feature to more countries and also to make it available for the Facebook desktop version also in the upcoming months. Facebook promises that it would continue to create new features and more options so that the people can have their best experience of shopping at Marketplace.

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