5 RP Characters on GTA 5 That Players Should Check Out in 2021


GTA 5 RP is extremely popular and Twitch at the moment and a big reason behind that popularity can be attributed to the very interesting characters it has.

One of the factors that give GTA 5 RP an edge over normal GTA Games is the fact the former can include as many characters that it wants to. In the different GTA 5 RP servers, every character that you come across has a unique trait or archetype.

In this article, we shall discuss 5 of the most popular and interesting RP characters on GTA 5.

  1. YunoSykk

Sykkuno is, arguably, one of the well-recognized streamers around. YunoSykk, the character created by him, is a personification of some of the best traits possessed by him. The majority of the GTA 5 RP characters come across as rude or slightly aggressive. YunoSykk, on the contrary, is a kind-hearted and good-natured character. Even when he commits a crime, he remains quite calm.

Sykkuno is very popular and streams quite frequently, so it is quite easy for players to get a lot of information about YunoSykk. From the most hardened criminals to the cops, everybody is fond of YunoSykk. Yuno is also a flawed character in equal measures and has the kind of traits that make him vulnerable at times.

  1. Uchiha Jones

If you are a GTA RP fan and are wondering who is the most bizarre character out there, then look no further than Uchiha Jones. He has cybernetic limbs which make him very unique. He is a fun character that can be unpredictable at times. If you are drawn towards serious or intense characters, then you won’t like Uchiha. Uchiha will also appeal to those who happen to be Anime fans.

  1. Jean Paul

If you have an appetite for intense drama, here is a character you must look out for. xQc, the character created by Jean Paul, often finds himself in situations which involve high-octane drama. xQc enjoys notoriety and fame in equal measures in the RP community and therefore, is likely to become an iconic character in the long run.

He is widely known as being one of the most dangerous criminals in GTA 5 RP. Unlike some of the other characters who are famous for indulging in criminal activities, Jean Paul prefers doing everything independently, without anybody’s help or assistance.

  1. Carmella Corset

Carmella Corset has been described as a ‘bimbo’ by many players. The reason behind this is that while most GTA 5 RP players happen to be notorious or dangerous criminals, Carmella often follows her own path. She delves into several social aspects related to role-playing, something which one doesn’t associate with most characters.

If you like ‘girly’ characters, then you will definitely take a liking for Carmella. She is a stylish blonde who is passionate about just two things – fashion and shopping. She is also an attention-seeker and often gets into verbal arguments with female characters in the game.

  1. Kyle Pred

In GTA 5 RP, cop characters tend to be very exciting. The fact that they have to uphold the law at all times makes them quite unpopular with the denizens hovering around one server. Then, there cops who are often having a tussle with their internal conflicts. Kyle Pred is a fairly well-known GTA 5 RP character created and owned by a Twitch streamer named Kyle. What makes him interesting is that he has many addictions which often come in his way while performing his duties.


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