GTA 6 Fans Get Into Panic Mode After Seeing New Tweet


Some of the fans of Grand Theft Auto believe that Rockstar Games will make making an official announcement and offering a glimpse of Grand Theft Auto 6 at E3 2021.

A new tweet posted by the official Twitter account of E3 has made fans arrive at this conclusion. Based on numerous leaks, unverified reports and unconfirmed rumors that have surfaced in the recent past, one has come to believe that Rockstar Games is currently in the process of developing GTA 6.

Rockstar Games is still promoting Grand Theft Auto 5 extensively and try to gain all that it can from it but this doesn’t mean that it has not made plans about the next version of the game. While everyone is sure about Rockstar Games working round the clock towards developing GTA 6, the question remains as to when it will finally be launched.

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According to information provided by credible sources, one has to wait a couple of years for GTA 6 to arrive. Yes, you read that right! Since GTA 6 is years away from its official launch, one shouldn’t expect a ‘reveal’ or any important update from the company anytime soon. Despite this, the aforementioned tweet has led GTA fans to believe that an announcement pertaining to GTA 6 is on the anvil.

On Twitter, a profile named ‘GTA 6 News & Leaks’ wrote to the official E3 account and asked whether one should expect an announcement regarding GTA 6 at E3 that is scheduled to be held in June. In its reply, the E3 account shared a GIF featuring Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. In the GIF, one can see a hand patting on Stitch’s head.

Some fans interpreted it as evidence or a sign of Grand Theft Auto 6 being revealed at E3 this year. This is, of course, overenthusiastic behavior at display here. If you think straight for a moment, you will realize that the GIF is in no way an indicator of this. And, as stated above, all the rumors, reports and leaks that have surfaced so far points towards the fact that the next version of the game is years away from its release. Not a single report has carried any information that contradicts the same. There are many other reasons which compel us not to fall for this information.

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Rockstar Games has not been one of the attendees in several years now. Though GTA 5 was a part of E3 in the year 2013, it had already received an official launch by then. Another important to remember is that the gaming company has decided not to share any information about GTA 6 unless and until it comes out with the ‘expanded and enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox Series X and PS5. Making an official announcement about GTA 6 before releasing the next generation of GTA 5 would obviously be a bad business decision.

One can understand why fans expect GTA 6 to be revealed this year. There was a gap of three years between the official reveal of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Given the fact that RDR 2 was revealed three years back, fans now believe that GTA 6 would be unveiled this year.

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