A Complete Guide to Optimize Magento Websites

Magento SEO is a set of SEO adjustments and settings that are not common to a specific platform i.e. Magento. Magento was founded in the United States in 2008 and has become a leading and powerful e-commerce platform across the world. Many enterprises use this e-commerce platform. These enterprises include Puma, Ford, American Express, and more. It is not wrong if we say the Magento is a household brand. However, it has great features like sitemap.xml, robots.txt file, and many ways to redirect pages. It has certain issues including duplicate content, lack of blogging functionality, and improper canonical tags.

Recommendations to Improve Magento SEO

If you want to get more out of it, you need to do the configuration settings properly. These settings include SEO-friendly URLs structure, correct use of headings, the configuration of page titles, speed of your website, correct Meta descriptions, faceted navigation, taking search engines by hand, crawling and indexing, and speed optimization. Through default settings, you will never be able to get the best results for your website and will have a low SEO performance.

To help overcome Magento issues, certain recommendations, and suggestions are there. Find out the low-quality pages from the index to avoid duplicate content. Allow pages that have a high search volume to remove low-quality and duplicate pages for better results. As both product and category, pages are not set together so go to the configuration settings to set both tags to YES. Tags must be set in pagination by default. The URL must have the relevant tags in it. If it is not set automatically, find a developer to have a solution that allows URL to utilize tags automatically instead of using toot category page. Make sure that the low-quality or duplicate pages are not indexed and caught by Google. You can do this by applying a no-index tag to them. You can do this with the help of a reliable developer. Lengthier URLs are not easy to ready for users and visitors so make sure that HTML is not mentioned in your URLs for the easy readability of your clients. You can do this through configuration settings. This setting will automatically set all your URLs. The structure of your URL must be descriptive, easy to read, brief, concise, consistent, and in lower case. Headings must be structured with the theme and design of your website. Avoid lengthy headings with difficult keywords.

Three Pillars of SEO

If you want your website to be ranked on top, you need to know about three pillars of SEO that boost the performance of your website. It will make sure that your website is on the search engine results through Magento SEO Hong Kong. It can easily find all your content and make sense of it due to which they can rank higher than your competitors make in the market. These three pillars are

Technology – that is a technical base of your website. It helps search engines find and understand your website easily, faster, effectively, and efficiently. This is all about your success.

Authority and trust – that links to your website and shows your integrity, authority, control, reliability, and trust. This is ultimately has a positive impact on the targeted audience. This will also build the brand reputation of your website in front of visitors.

Relevance – that is related to the search engine queries generated by the users. You can do this by creating useful, original, and error-free content on your website. It will satisfy your clients. You need the best use of the technology to get maximum relevancy of the content and website.

Importance of Magento SEO

SEO will help visitors to find you easily as it will enhance the visibility of your website on search engine results. Organic search and huge search volume is the major source of revenue. If your website is not in the top search result, then there is a huge need to work on SEO to get benefits. Google sends a major portion of the traffic to your website in the case of many businesses. Still, you need to focus on SEO, as you cannot only rely on Google. SEO is a relatively less costly method of growing your business worldwide. Without spending anything on advertisements, you were always unable to enhance the brand voice of your business but SEO strategies have made it possible now. Magento SEO has an important role in cost reduction and in achieving business goals. SEO has a long-lasting effect as compared to paid advertisements. In the case of paid advertisements, when you don’t pay, the traffic instantly drops down. However, SEO keeps on giving better results. One must implement standard SEO methods for a longer positive impact. It takes a bit more time to grow as it needs a consistent analytical approach but you can achieve your goals and targets. Several blogs and sites like Nashville Chatter will tell you more about Magento SEO Hong Kong.

Magento SEO Extensions

Here is the list of top SEO extensions that will drive traffic and sales.

  • Magento SEO extension by Mageplaza
  • Magento SEO extension by BSS Commerce
  • SEO content optimization by Reload SEO
  • Magento SEO suite pro extension v 9.5.5
  • Advanced SEO Suite by Mirasvit
  • Ultimate SEO Suite by AheadWorks v 1.3.8
  • SEO suite
  • Canonical URLs Magento extension by FMEAddons v 1.1
  • Advanced SEO by Activo
  • SEO suite ultimate by Mageworx
  • Advance sitemap & SEO suite
  • SEO rich snippet

Brief Summary with Conclusion

Finally, if you are looking to speed up your store or website, bring it to the platforms that will help you to give the results of your choice. Not every strategy or extension needs to work for you so you must test any of the above-mentioned extensions and make a final decision for one that works fine for your business. It varies depending on the competition level, niche of the business, targeted audience, and market. When your store has a high visibility level, you will be able to focus on other areas of the business growth.

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