Grand Theft Auto 5 Delivers A Better Performance on PS5 Than Other Consoles

GTA 5 on Android

On March 15, Grand Theft Auto 5 got an official launch on new-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XIS.

A lot has been said about the incredible visual experience offered by the new-gen version of GTA 5 but there has not been enough discussion about the kind of performance it delivers. Now, finally, some people are talking about the performance aspect of the game on these consoles.

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ElAnalistaDeBits, a popular YouTube channel that covers gaming-related topics, has evaluated the performance of the new versions of GTA V and compared them to each other. In a video created and posted by the YouTuber, you can observe the differences, which often go unnoticed, clearly. If you happen to play the game on Xbox Series X or S, you must have a look at the video once.

The visual modes in PS5 and Xbox Series X are quite similar to each other. While Fidelity Mode offers you ray tracing, native 4K and 30fps, the Performance Mode offers the gamers native 1440p at 60fps. RT Performance Mode provides you with ray tracing, 1440p and 60fps. Given the information at hand, one could assume that PlayStation 5 handles or reproduces all the modes very well. Yes, in the Performance, one does experience some minor lagging issues but overall, GTA V’s performance on PS5 is very satisfactory.

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When you test the game on Xbox Series X, you find it not running adequately in the RT Performance Mode. The performance is found to be even more terrible on Xbox Series S. On this console, the game can be experienced only in two modes, Fidelity Mode and Performance Mode. Fidelity Mode does not seem to manage 30fps very well and there are times when the fps drops down considerably. In the Performance Mode, the game seems to run at 40fps which is not very impressive for a game that was launched almost ten years ago and has received numerous updates since then.

Apart from offering much better performance levels, the PS5 offers a bunch of great features like DualSense support and better loading time.

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