A Robot-Assembled Android Phone that Will Cost $15,000 in the Making

Android Phone by Sirin Labs

In what is an astonishing announcement, a new technology startup is planning to unveil an Android phone that costs a massive £10,000, which translates to about $14,500 at the current conversion rates.

The Swiss start-up known as Sirin Labs is working on availing this device in its stores, which will be opening this coming month in central London. The start-up has a massive backing of up to $72 million and it seems it is ready to take on Apple’s iPhone with an Android device that costs more than 10 times the current top-of-the-tier iPhone 6S.

According to the founder of Sirin Labs, the new Android phone is has nothing to do with luxury, instead, it targets the tech savvy users who value the security of their information. Whether the device will succeed in the smartphone market that is already crowded with different handsets is still unknown. Still, the super-premium smartphone will be looking to lure the super-rich people who still adore Android as an operating system and are after special security features as well as materials.

Android Phone by Sirin Labs

The Android niche has some of the cheapest smartphones you can ever buy, selling for as low as $40. However, Sirin Labs wants to make a change to this trend and come in with what will be the most expensive Android smartphone ever. The investors behind Sirin are optimistic that the company will succeed where other companies have failed.

For instance, one company that had given it a try is Vertu. The company sold Android-powered smartphones for a price of about $7000. However, this company’s lack of success in selling luxurious phones meant that it was offloaded to Chinese investors known as Godin Holdings. This is something that early-stage backers of Sirin Labs believe won’t be coming the start-up’s way. This is because the Swiss startup will take a very different approach to things by luring the tech-savvy buyer who is also wealthy.

All developers of today are aware of how much security has grown to become a vital thing. As a result, the company is working closely with Israeli cyber security experts in a bid to fortify the upcoming phone against any attempts of hacking or spying. Further, the device will be packed with some of the best cameras, battery as well as speakers available in the market today. However, unlike other OEMs, this luxury Android phone will be assembled by reliable robots.

According to the CEO of Sirin Labs Tal Cohen, the startup already has 18 million millionaires in sight and a total of 60 million people as its target market for the said Android phone.

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