Activision Publishing Files Lawsuit Against Company Advertising Call of Duty Cheats


Activision Publishing, an auxiliary company of Activision Blizzard, filed a lawsuit against EngineOwning, a firm that distributes cheats for the Call of Duty games and several other online shooters.

Activision seems to have serious plans to bring down software and tools that enable gamers to cheat in any game published by Activision.

In its official statement, Activision stated, “By this lawsuit, Activision seeks to put a stop to unlawful conduct by an organization that is distributing and selling for profit numerous malicious software products designed to enable members of the public to gain unfair competitive advantages (i.e., to cheat) in the COD Games. These ongoing activities damage Activision’s games, its overall business, and the experience of the COD player community.”

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As per the lawsuit, Activision Publishing aims to put an end to illegitimate practices by a company that is distributing malicious software products that have been designed to help players gain competitive advantage in the games.

The lawsuit further stated that because of the recent activities carried out by EngineOwning, the games published by Activision have suffered a lot of irreversible damage and their business has been severely affected too. What’s worse, it stated, is that it has ruined the experience of the players who are a part of the COD player community.

Activision Publishing, through the lawsuit, also declared that the cheating software gives players the opportunity to control the COD games using unscrupulous means. By engaging in activities like revealing the opponents’ location and releasing or uploading secretive information, they try to get ahead in the game. The gaming publishing company has stated that despite being well-aware of the fact that their activities are unlawful, the defendants (in this case, EngineOwning) continued to engage in them.

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Activision has named as many as 50 ‘Does’ in the elaborate lawsuit. Filing this lawsuit has been a part of the company’s many efforts to catch hold of cheaters and control such activities in the Call of Duty games. Since such activities are most common in popular games like Call of Duty: Warzone, the company has been keeping a close watch on everything that’s happening in these titles.

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