Call of Duty: Players Becoming Invisible Again Because of Warzone Skin

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

If you are a Call of Duty: Warzone player there is something you must be aware about.

There is an operator skin floating around in the game that, when used, can make players turn invisible. This particular skin, that has been the cause of trouble to many, happens to be Francis’ Awoken operator outfit that gets unlocked during Warzone Pacific’s Season 1 when the battle pass reaches its maximum level.

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It is being said that this bug has been a part of the game ever since the Warzone Pacific update was launched in mid-December. However, incidents of players using the skin to become invisible are being reported since the last one week. The reason behind this could be the fact that the number of players acquiring the skin has gone up drastically in the recent past.

This problem seems to have similarities with the ‘invisible skin’ issue that had cropped up in Warzone at one point in time. The Awoken bug appears to be an error in the game that results in making the body of the character disappear. For the character’s body to disappear, he must be at least 35 meters away from another character. This important fact was brought to one’s attention by streamer BennyCentral.

The only portion of the skin that remains invisible at all times is the glowing mask. So, enemy players or opponents would be expected to aim at something whose size is similar to the AkuAku mask from Crash Bandicoot.

Since the Awoken skin is being made available at a very high price, one doesn’t expect it to be exploited by a very large number of players. Getting the skin unlocked at level 100 via normal play would require the player to spend a lot of time. There is an option to buy the skin directly but it would be a very expensive purchase. Based on the kind of progress you have made, the cost could range from $50 to $120 for you to skip directly to level 100.

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It wouldn’t be the best idea to purchase the skin only for this one task. Developer Raven Software has already made a note of this invisibility bug and it should be fixed soon. It must be mentioned here that Warzone players are still suffering from bugs related to audio and texture streaming. These bugs made their entry into the game with the launch of the new Caldera map.

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