Adobe Unveils Project Felix, Launches 3 Other New Designing Apps and Updates Other Adobe Features

Adobe Apps

After Microsoft announced that a newly revamped paint app last week, it is now the turn of Adobe which announced a new 3D designing tool codenamed Project Felix, which was unveiled at the Adobe Max 2016 Keynote conference.

Adobe made quite a number of announcements at the Keynote conference about the future of the Creative Cloud, apart from a few updates to the Dreamweaver CC and the Photoshop, along with bringing 3 new apps for the Comp CC, the Photoshop Sketch, and for the Photoshop Fix to the Android platform. These 3 apps were available previously on the iOS platform and they had now received new updates on the same platform. The Illustrator Draw app and the Photoshop Mix app had received updates for both the iOS and the Android versions. The highlight of the keynote was the unveiling of their very own new set of 3D modeling tools by Adobe which has been codenamed, Project Felix.

Project Felix 3D

Project Felix

Adobe had announced the Project Felix, which has been created specifically for the graphic designers and is aimed at providing the developers with tools that are easy-to-use for making 3D designs. The company said in its blog post that the Project Felix arrives with a rendering machine which is claimed to be the most powerful one till date and allows the users to preview their changes without having to wait untill the end of the work for a final image. The company also said that the Project Felix is far from finished and the Beta version of the app will be released first by the end of this year. The Beta version of the Project Felix app will be available to the paid CC members.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

The Adobe Photoshop Sketch app allows the users to draw using tools like pencils, erasers, pens, markers, thick acrylic, ink brushes etc. The users can then send their artworks as files that can be layered to the Adobe Photoshop CC. The app was launched recently on the Android platform and allows the users to add multiple layers of drawings and images, which can be renamed, restacked, transformed, and merged. The Photoshop Sketch version 4.0 brings with it support for the Photoshop Brushes, new document sizes, a new navigator, layer blend modes, and the ability to save the designs as a PDF or as a PSD on the Creative Cloud, apart from other bug fixes.

Adobe Apps

Adobe Comp CC

Adobe Comp CC the new designing and wireframe tool which allows the users to lay out their designs and ideas using images, text, fonts, and shapes which can be then sent to the Adobe Photoshop CC or to the Illustrator CC or to the InDesign CC for final finishing. The latest version 1.0 of the app is now available for download at the Google Play Store. The Comp CC app is available on the iOS platform also, and will get a new revamped layout with the 3.0 version update.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

The other app that was launched by Adobe is the Adobe Photoshop Fix for the Android users. This app essentially allows retouching and restoration of images. The users can retouch the photos and edit them by using tools like ‘Smooth’, ‘Defocus’, Liquify’, and ‘Face-aware liquify’. The users can use these tools to edit and remove the imperfections from their photos and images. Adobe Photoshop Fix version 1.0 is available for download on Google Play. Meanwhile, Photoshop Fix version 1.6 for iOS has also been updated with new features like the ability to import from Google Photos, auto skin smoothing, and a new warmth adjustment slider.

Photoshop Mix Updates

The Photoshop Mix has been updated on both Android and iOS platforms. It has now been updated to version 2.3 on the Android platform, while for the iOS users it will be available as version 2.6. While the Android version gets support for tablets and a few stability improvements apart from bug fixes, on the other hand, the iOS update includes a lot of improvements to Cutout, the ability to import SVG as rendition, as well as the ability to import from Google Photos.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

The Adobe Illustrator Draw also has received updates on both the Android and iOS platforms. The Illustrator Draw version 3.0 for the Android platform comes with enhanced brush settings along with the ability to control individual settings like pressure, rotation, velocity, and shape for each and every brush. It has also been updated with stability improvements and a few bug fixes. Meanwhile, Illustrator Draw version 4.0 for the iOS platform gets new document sizes, a new navigator, layer blend modes, and the ability to save the designs as a PDF or as a PSD on the Creative Cloud, apart from other bug fixes.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Photoshop App Update

Adobe Photoshop app has also been updated for Windows and Mac. The new updated version brings many new features including almost 100 new templates, 7 free Kyle Webster brushes, along with two new SVG fonts. The users will have to install the updates by using the Creative Cloud’s desktop app.

The Photoshop update also brings in an ‘in-app search’ functionality which will allow the users to search through the tools, menus, panels of Photoshop, and Adobe Stock Assets. The company said that the new search panel which is right at the fingertips can be used to search for help content and for tutorials also. To use this feature, the users will have to press the CMD+F keys or the Ctrl+F keys which depend on their platform or just search using the option which is present at the top-right of the screen in the app.

Adobe Photoshop in-app search

Adobe had reportedly said that the company is looking for new and intuitive ways of working with heavy and complex traditional workflows aimed at improving the productivity. They are working towards offering high-fidelity 3D models which will allow the users to easily adjust the materials, lighting, angles, and perspective to get the desired final look, resulting in a stunning photo realistic imagery.

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