MINI Countryman coupe SUV with Bold Looks is Coming Soon

MINI Countryman Bold Looks

A coupe version of the popular MINI Countryman is in the making and the company aims to offer it as a worthy replacement for the old Paceman variant.

The new model is a confirmed launch but the brand didn’t confirm whether it is just an extension for the Countryman or an individual model that will conclude the Countryman’s lineup. The team is excited about revamping the Paceman formula and coming up with some new ideas based on the series’ rich heritage. The upcoming five-door coupe is expected to be unveiled at an auto expo next year and will take its own sweet time before being available in stores by 2018.

MINI Countryman coupe SUV

Besides, the delay in launch is obvious as the automobile manufacturer is keen to not cannibalize sales of their existing and newly launched Countryman models. Discussing about their decision to go with a larger, five-door variant, BMW’s Adrian Van Hooydonk said that despite the love people have for the compact, three-door models, they always find an additional store convenient. It provides a whole new level of storage space and give better headroom for passengers to enjoy a cozy ride. Almost the entire BMW SUV coupes available are off three-doors that prompted them to go with a five-door coupe for the MINI Countryman.

“People love the comfort they get with the extra set of doors. They find it easy to toss in their bags or invite other people to join a ride. It’s the convenience that continues to drive sales of these variants,” explained Van Hooydonk. When the Countryman gets launched, it will go head on against the Range Rover Evoque that enjoys the market share with hardly any competition. While the changes are in terms of design and space, they have decided to not change the powertrains.

MINI Countryman Bold Looks

The MINI Countryman coupe SUV is being built on the same platform as other cars in the series and will be powered by the same three, four-cylinder engines. The 1.5-liter Cooper is an economical and easy to implement choice for the team and they do have plans to launch a hot SUV with power packed performance later down the line. “A lot of discussion on the type of technology, engine and vehicle lineup is undergoing at the moment to shape the future and I am always a part of these discussions. We still have a long way to go,” added Hooydonk giving us a glimpse as to what’s happening in the BMW headquarters.

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