Alleged Xiaomi Mi 9 (M1902F1G) Bags Approval from Taiwan’s NCC and China’s Regulatory Body

Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi M1902F1G that could be one of the Taiwanese variants of the Xiaomi Mi 9 has been approved by the National communications Commission (NCC) in Taiwan.

Sadly, the NCC certification of the phone has no information on its specifications. As mentioned above, it appears to be the variant of the M1902F1A and M1902F1T smartphones that were approved by China’s 3C authority earlier this week and CMIIT last week.

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The 3C certification of the M1902F1A/T had revealed that it will be shipped with MDY-08-ES charger which carries support for up 27W rapid technology. The reason why M1902F1A/T is being speculated as the Xiaomi Mi 9 is that the company’s CEO Lei Jun has already confirmed that it will be arriving with faster rapid charging technology.

There is no concrete information available on the specifications of the smartphone. Recently, Redmi President Lu Weibing had run a poll to check the popularity of different types of existing display designs. Since Lei Jun also participated in it and voted waterdrop-style notch screen, it is speculated that the Mi 9 may sport the same display design.

Earlier this month, Xiaomi President Lin Bin had shared a video to demonstrate the improvements of the company’s in-display fingerprint scanner. Compared to conventional in-screen fingerprint scanning technology, Xiaomi’s model supports a larger area of recognition of 25 x 50.2 mm. There is a high possibility that the enhanced under-display fingerprint reader could be first seen on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 9.

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The Xiaomi Mi 9 is also speculated to come equipped with triple rear cameras. The Snapdragon 855 chipset is expected to power the smartphone. The smartphone may not feature the X50 LTE modem that supports 5G connectivity. Instead, it may arrive with X24 LTE modem.

It is advisable to digest the report with a grain of salt and wait for further news to confirm that the M1902F1A/T/G model numbers really belong to the Xiaomi Mi 9.

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