Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt: Samsung Galaxy S7 is better than iPhone 6S

Update for Samsung Galaxy S7and S7 Edge

While admitting that he uses an iPhone 6S, former Google CEO and current executive chairman of parent company Alphabet, Eric Schmidt, was full of praise for the recently released Samsung Galaxy S7.

For starters, it is weird to find a CEO of a company that is associated with the development of Android using a phone from a direct competitor – Apple. The former Google CEO has been seen on several occasions using an iPhone and during a recent interview, he went ahead to admit that he indeed uses the latest flagship from Apple. Despite this, he is adamant that there is at least one Android phone that has what it takes to beat the iPhone 6S.

Usually, you would expect that Schmidt is using an iPhone 6S simply to evaluate the competition that Apple is offering via iOS. However, as it seems, this is not the case for the tech mogul. Apparently, he has both Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S and as far as he is concerned, the former beats the latter when it comes to camera and battery.

“Samsung Galaxy S7 is better [than iPhone 6S],” he said during the interview. “It has a better camera and a better battery. Those who use an iPhone know am right,” he added.

Samsung Galaxy S7 has better hardware than iPhone 6S

According to the Alphabet chairman, he only prefers the side of Samsung Galaxy S7 because of the greatness it offers in terms of battery life and photography. This could possibly mean that his decision to own a Galaxy S7 has everything to do with hardware and nothing to do with software.

The iOS niche promises better privacy, security as well as stability, things that Android is struggling to offer. Of course, Android users prefer this ecosystem thanks to the many customization options, a wide array of specs as well as availability of products in all price categories. However, all these will be achieved at the cost of security and privacy, something most CEOs, including Eric Schmidt, are not willing to do.

iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S7

In case you didn’t know, Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a DualPixel 12MP camera on the rear end with a f/1.7 aperture as compared to the 12MP iSight camera the iPhone 6S packs on the rear. The iPhone camera has an aperture of f/2.2 and comes with features like PDAF, dual-tone LED flash and face/smile detection, but it lacks OIS. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S7 has PDAF, LED flash, face/smile detection and OIS, among many other features.

While both units have the same 5MP selfie camera, you will still get a better one on the Galaxy S7 thanks to the f/1.7 aperture as well as features like dual video call and Auto HDR. The aperture of the iPhone 6S selfie camera remains the same as the main camera, but it adds features like HDR, panorama and face detection.

On matters battery life, Samsung Galaxy S7’s 3000mAh promises up to 22 hours of 3G talk time and up to 62 hours of music play. On the contrary, you only get up to 14 hours of 3G talk time and more than 10 hours less of music play as far as the iPhone 6S’s 1715mAh unit is concerned.

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