Latest WhatsApp 2.16.4 for iOS Bug Crashes the App When Forwarding Links

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This week iPhone users received an updated version of WhatsApp that brought the app to number 2.16.4 and with it came the usual improvements and fixes that are expected from a new software update.

However, the group behind the app were not bold enough to specify the kind of fixes the new version has brought with respect to the previous version. However, it appears that the updated WhatsApp for iOS brings more trouble just as it has brought good with it. Apparently, it is not possible to forward a link via the updated version.

This is a new bug that was not available in the previous version. It has only surfaced with the new v2.16.4, which is available for download via the App Store. When one tries to forward a link on the app, the bug crashes the app. Interestingly, the problem is only affecting those using the latest version of the chat app on the latest version of iOS 9.3.2. This issue is consistent on all iPhones as long as the previous conditions are met, whether it is the latest iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 or even the older iPhone 5S – the story is the same.

There is no warning the app sends you whenever you forward a link. Instead, the app simply closes without any notice and you are then redirected to the home screen. Seemingly, the bug is only affecting the process of forwarding links and it has nothing to do with forwarding audio, video or image files.

At the moment, there is no better workaround than to revert to using the older version of the app. However, we are keeping tabs on the matter and we’ll notify you whenever WhatsApp comes in with a viable fix.


This is not the only issue that has popped up in recent times regarding WhatsApp for iOS. Users have complained of shorter battery life upon updating to the latest version while others have cried that the app simply won’t connect for some time.

The same issue is not happening with Android users, which calls for more attention from the team with respect to iOS users of the app. Hopefully, the team will be quick to come in with the required fixes for these bugs.

WhatsApp is the leading messaging app in the world in terms of following thanks to its over 1 billion users. The app is available for free download via the official iTunes App Store for iPhone users and Google Play Store for Android users. For those on the Windows Phone platform, it is available via the Windows Phone Store.

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