Amazing: New Leaked Video Shows the HTC Ocean Flagship with Touch-Sensitive Edges

HTC Ocean On the Way

Famous leaker Evan Blass just came in with a new video about the HTC 2017, HTC 11 or rather the supposed HTC Ocean.

The phone has no specific name so far, but it has been doing rounds under the codename HTC Ocean. In September 2016, Evan Blass came in with a video showing off the Ocean flagship that had no buttons on the sides. Well, it appears that this is indeed something as the phone has also surfaced via a video leaked by the same person.

Apparently, the flagship will have no physical buttons on the side panels, instead, the tech giant is looking to introduce touch-sensitive edges to the HTC Ocean this 2017. This is for sure part of the difference the company is determined to bring to the smartphone industry.

The touch sensitive side panels of the HTC Ocean will be used to serve almost the same services the physical buttons served. However, we could see more various tasks added to the panels in a move to make the phone a standout among the oversaturated smartphone market that has similar devices.

The leaked video also shows off the impressive selfie camera the phone will be coming in with, but there is nothing else it gives out in terms of specs. There is no doubt that the design is sleek and impressive overall, something that should mean the HTC Ocean comes in as a flagship phone for 2017.

If this is the case, expect to see features like a Snapdragon 835 processor, at least 4GB RAM and 32GB of expandable storage. The screen should keep the 2K resolution used on the HTC 10, although some claim that 4K could be the new resolution.

Keep in mind that these are just educated guesses, but the real details should be out soon, especially since the company will be holding an event on January 12. This event is also expected to be used for launching a series of other phones including the HTC U Play, HTC U Ultra, and the HTC One X10.

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