HTC 2017 (HTC 11) Leaked in Video, Button-Less Design with Surround Speakers Revealed

HTC 10 did not lure many people into buying it despite the impressive specs and design it came with. As a result, the Taiwanese company is now looking to differentiate itself from the rest of the smartphone world with an upcoming HTC 2017 phone, possibly the HTC 11.

While there have been talks of an HTC Ocean flagship, it is unknown whether this is the name this phone will assume once it has been launched. The HTC Ocean Note is reportedly the HTC U Ultra, meaning the Ocean will also get a real name, possibly the HTC 11.

In a new video leaked by famous leaker Evan Blass, it seems HTC is determined to put a difference between what other smartphone companies offer and what it has in store for 2017 by “changing things up.” Apparently, the tech giant wants to launch the 2017 handset with a customizable rear that easily fits your dress code of the day.

HTC is adamant that the market is oversaturated with similar products and with the upcoming HTC 2017 or HTC 11 for that matter, the company wants “to go beyond the technology and become the brand that you are seeking to represent your personality, self-expression, and lifestyle.”

HTC is rumored to be working on at least three phones to be released this Q1 2017. There is an event coming up on January 12, but there is still no word on which devices will be unveiled. There is talk of the HTC U Ultra, HTC U Play as well as the HTC One X10, the successor to the One X9 from last year. However, nothing has been confirmed just yet. Despite the leaked details regarding the new HTC 2017 (HTC 11) in the works, we’re not sure whether all HTC phones launched this year will benefit from this impressive work on the show via this video.

From the look of things, expect to have Litmus, Super Fibers, and Chemical back panels for your HTC 2017.

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