Amazon Alexa with Eero Lets You Shut Down the Internet using Voice – Mind Transplant for Eero

Amazon Alexa

You can now ask Amazon Alexa to shut down the Internet with the Eero network extender.

Eero is powered by TrueMesh technology and is the first of home WiFi systems. A typical home can be covered by three Eeros that work in unison to offer fast and stable WiFi to all corners of the house.

Amazon Alexa

Network Extender

Eero is a network extender that you can use at home and it is slowly getting more and more popular. It is a kind of hardware that uses the mesh technology for extending and boosting the Internet connection to all parts of your house or grounds. Eero is now getting further enhanced with a new update, which will enhance the features of the existing devices.

Update Enhances Echo

The new update on Eero will allow users of Echo to pause the Internet access for all members or selected member/members of the family. All they have to do is to ask Alexa to do it with a voice command. You can likewise turn the Internet back for everyone for specific individual/individuals with the Eero application.

More Questions

Eero is aware of the location of the devices present in the user’s home, as it is endowed with mesh network technology. Hence, users of Eero and Echo can also ask Alexa questions regarding the location of their iPhone if it is missing. Alexa will give the information regarding the Eero node that is nearest to the device, but the device has to be present in the house.

Collection of Data

The new update thus offers integration of third party devices. In addition, the Eero executives can also collect a lot of data from the user. According to Nick Weaver, the co founder, it does not collect any personal history or browsing history, but the diagnostic details of the way in which the nodes interact or talk with each other or the way the nodes interact with the devices of the user. The company has been doing a lot of work on its cloud as well as data infrastructure for the past year, for updating and analyzing the data.

True Mesh Technology

The result of all this work is the creation of True Mesh. According to Nick Weaver, the new technology will enhance the quality of the connection between one Euro device and another by about 40% as well as maximize function of every Euro device. According to Weaver, the new software update will enable Eero to reroute the traffic in real time, allowing the network to repair or heal by itself.

Amazon Alexa with Eero

Other Improvements

The software update will enhance network diagnostic details and offer details regarding the devices that have a slowing effect on the network. It will also help the user and guide him/her through the details or steps to be taken for reviving an ISP connection that is dead. However, the new update cannot give notification to the user regarding a disruption of the Networks. Maybe, a future update can fix this problem as well.

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