, the Popular To-Do App Now Updated to Version 4.0 with a Powerful AI Assistant app, the popular to-do app has been updated to version 4.0 with a cluster of new and powerful features of which the most notable one is an AI assistant which can actually help the users in completing the tasks on their list.

Upon adding a task that needs to be done, like buying a birthday present for a friend etc, the users can tap on the task to seek help through a chatbot-styled interface. The company has mentioned that its tool will also be able to help the users in doing things like booking a ticket, booking flights, ordering groceries, housekeeping, laundry services, and also canceling your mobile carrier plan. In order to use the app, the users will have to bear a fee which varies somewhere in between 5 and 15 percent of the cost of the product or the service which needs to be done to complete the task. app

The Assistant

By keeping in mind the productivity, the app makes sure that all the tasks are completed by putting in an assistant that combines a smart artificial assistant and clever humans to work with the to-do list, apart from providing a more personalized and useful touch to the job. The most notable feature about the app is that the users may be prompted to interact with a human assistant instead of a chatbot in situations where the task is exceptionally complex or in cases where it cannot be handled alone by a bot. Though the company is working on developing its very own system to tackle the tasks, it has also been sending invitations to other third-parties so that they can integrate their services with the app. The company has reported that it has built the new type of Assistant which can actually accomplish all the tasks imposed by the user after analyzing more than a billion anonymized tasks.

Unlike the other fully-automated assistants like Apple Siri or Google Assistant, the Assistant will scan the to-do list automatically and will then mark the tasks selectively which it can complete in the real world. The Assistant will then offers ways to perform the tasks. The Assistant comes to the user, rather than the user having to come and ask for help.

All thanks to the company’s new partnership with the online shopping giant, Amazon which was signed last month, the updated Version 4.0 will now allow the users to create tasks, including those ones which a bot cannot perform by just giving out a voice command to Echo Dot or to Amazon Echo.

The Assistant will be rolling out in the limited beta version for the iOS users and is expected to come out soon for the Android users too. Calendar

Calendar Integration

The latest version 4.0 of the app will also come integrated with a calendar so that the users can have a combined view of all the tasks and events that have been scheduled across for the day, for the week, and for the month. Apart from making the calendar as flexible as possible for easier user viewing, the calendar also integrates seamlessly with the native calendar of the mobile device. The calendar also comes with a clever feature called ‘One on One’, using which a user can easily find all the mutually available meeting slots at just a few taps. The update will first be available for the iOS users in the form of a limited beta version, which in the aftermath will arrive for the Android users also. The people living in the US will have to keep an eye out for a notification that may pop-up anytime soon within the iOS app.

A Quicker Sync

The app will also come with a faster cross-device syncing.  Though the app works on all the devices, but anything which cuts down on the seconds helps in better productivity. So the company has rebuilt and simplified the entire backend architecture so that it is better built for speed, and the result is the new real-time syncing feature of the app. The lightning fast syncing feature is available for the app across all the devices.

By bringing in the new features like the artificial assistant, integration with the Calendar and a lightning fast syncing, the app is doing everything possible to set itself apart from its other rival to-do apps by being the one and only app which will actually get involved in helping the users in getting their stuff done. That definitely provides the company with an additional revenue rush, which is over and above all its paid plans for business users and for individuals.

 After making claims that the app currently has a user base of 15 million across the globe, it is going to be quite interesting to see if the newly added updated features and the additional revenue will help the app in improving more to beat out the other biggie competitors like Wunderlist from Microsoft, and Todoist. Although it is not going to be that easy for the company, it is at least thinking far beyond the interface tweaks and adding just minor features. The CEO and Founder of had told in a report that the company is eventually making plans to make its assistant available globally, and also to support performing a wider range of tasks over the time.

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