Amazon Echo Vs Google Home – Which Should Be Your Holiday Pick?

Amazon Echo Vs Google Home

The Holiday Sale 2017 has already begun and the year is never complete unless you buy your first smart speaker right?

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are the most popular choices available in the market right now.

From a simple customer’s perspective, both these speakers look nearly the same and are capable of listening to your commands with ease. Ok Google is the pass phrase for one while you call Alexa to activate Amazon’s device. It is a compulsory and an annoying way to get the speaker to respond but most users today have to put up with it until technology becomes good enough to act based on context.

Amazon Echo Vs Google Home – Which Should Be Your Holiday Pick

Smart Home Connectivity

Amazon Echo has a simple command center as you can easily say Alexa turn on the light and it will do so. However, Google Home has to have two different processes all the time when you have to control a third-party product like the Vivint smart home system. “Ok Google, tell Vivint to shut down the lights” which sounds really cumbersome and not so intuitive as it should be.

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Audio Quality

Beinga pair of speakers they are, it is important that they sound good for songs and alarms. The newly launched Sonos One which also support Alexa is the best choice but it is not directly made by Amazon. The sound quality is awesome on the Sonos but for a direct comparison, the Google Home wins by a slight margin.

Streaming Audio and other Media

The setup allows you to easily throw music and other content. If you use a lot of Youtube, going with Google Home is an obvious choice. Amazon Echo works best with Amazon Fire TV and good news is, both platforms support many third party apps including Spotify, Pandora among other popular services.

Amazon Echo

Google Power Rules in Search

Home is a powerful tool because it is powered by Google’s search and helps you retrieve movie or music information based on what you ask of it. It helps you find even old records and retrieve the right soundtrack whereas Amazon Echo sticks to the newest releases as it doesn’t have access to such a vast database except for IMDB.

At the end, it always comes down to personal preferences and Google Home is perfect for Youtube lovers and those who own Android phones. Amazon Echo wins in terms of ease of use, accessories and overall as a true smart home product.

One thought on “Amazon Echo Vs Google Home – Which Should Be Your Holiday Pick?”

  1. Purchased an Echo in late 2014 when came out and now have several Google Homes.

    With the GH you can just speak naturally versus the Echo requires rigid language or basically commands that you have to memorize to use.

    Now having the Google Home using the Echo is a very frustrating experience.

    Can not see any reason to get an Echo any longer over the Google Home unless plan on doing a lot of Amazon shopping on the device.

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