Analyst: Apple iPhone SE won’t be refreshed

iPhone SE

A few years ago, no one imagined having a 5.5-inch display screen on a smartphone. At the time, many phones were using 4-inch panels or even smaller, something that has been overtaken by time.

Today, you’ll be considered nostalgic if you went around asking for a phone that ships with a 4-inch display screen. In fact, the only reason why Apple released the iPhone SE was to cater for the folks who still viewed the 4-inch display screen as the ideal size for their use.

It’s now more than a year since Apple released the iPhone SE and many were of the view that the company would refresh the phone at the same time this year. However, this hasn’t been the case so far. While some might still be hopeful of a new iPhone SE 2, reports coming from China claim that there won’t be a refreshed version of this 4-inch phone.

iPhone SE

Apparently, many OEMs are now focusing on the high-selling 5.5-inch display screens for their future phones. Of course, there will be some phones with a 5-inch screen, but this is seen as the smallest it will get. Apple should still keep the 4.7-inch iPhone size when it releases the iPhone 7S this year, but we don’t know how long this will go on, especially now that the bigger 5.5-inch Plus model has been outselling the compact variant since its debut in 2014.

Do you want Apple to follow up the iPhone SE with a new SE 2 having the same 4-inch display screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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