Android Marshmallow Finally makes it to OnePlus X – Android Nougat Almost Ready for OnePlus 3, OnePlus 2

OnePlus X

The OnePlus X was released towards the end of last year as the company’s first midrange handset. Running on Android Lollipop, there have been numerous promises that the phone will soon be getting the latest version of Android Marshmallow.

Well, soon is finally here and those rocking this midrange can now download and install the latest version 6.0.1 of Android Marshmallow. Of course, geeky owners of the OnePlus X started using the Marshmallow OS on this device about a month ago, however, this is the first stable version that is also coming in as an OTA.

If your OnePlus X is currently running on v2.2.3, v3.1.0 or v3.1.2 of OxygenOS, you are guaranteed of an Android Marshmallow update. Alongside the usual Marshmallow goodies that include things like Doze mode, Google Now on Tap, enhanced control over apps permissions, and other features, the update also brings upgrades to the Launcher, shelf UX improvements, changes to settings, new apps as well as general improvements to the performance of the system. The new Android Marshmallow update also brings the latest October Android Security patch to the OnePlus X, an update that has only made it to BlackBerry Priv.

Despite all the goodness of the Marshmallow update on OnePlus X, the company warns that there might be some issues with the performance following the update. Apps such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Google+ have been reported to have issues with the new OS, but the good thing that there are ready workarounds for the problems.

OnePlus 3

The Facebook apps might crash when you try to access the camera app. To avoid this, manually give the apps permission to access and use the phone’s storage. As for the Google+ app, the Chinese OEM says that you need to restart the OnePlus X after disabling or deleting the app. Later on, after the Google Play Services is updated and the phone once again restarted, the problem shouldn’t bother you anymore.

While this is happening for OnePlus X, recent reports have emerged suggesting that OnePlus has already begun works on the latest Android Nougat update for the 2016 flagship, OnePlus 3. This device was expected to receive the update, but this news hints at an early release of the OS. With the 2015 OnePlus 2 also expected to make the cut with respect to this Nougat update, OnePlus will be working around the clock to ensure that all is well when the software is rolled out.

We’ll be following up the matter closely and bring you the most up-to-date news. Keep following us!

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