Android Marshmallow Phones Can Get Android Nougat’s Google Assistant and more – Here’s How

Android Nougat

One feature that has gotten Android Marshmallow users itching their heads with respect to when they will be getting the new Android Nougat upgrade is the AI-powered Google Assistant.

As for now, the only way those on Android Marshmallow devices can interact with the Google Assistant is via the Google Allo messaging app. This application is used for messaging purposes only and works on Android and iOS devices. It comes with the Assistant baked into its services where users can summon it with the use of the phrase @google. Sadly, this is the farthest users of this 2015 OS can go with this smart assistant.

Now, according to new findings, it appears that Google Assistant will not remain exclusive to Android Nougat devices. Thanks to the efforts of AndroidN-ify, Xposed and Max Rumpf, Android Marshmallow users can happily enjoy the new Google Assistant feature on their devices.

The aforementioned Max Rumpf is the cause of all these thanks to his messing up with the Google app code. He made some changes to the code and implemented it to the AndroidN-ify Xposed module. With this successfully done, the result is a working Google Assistant on Android Marshmallow devices. Of course, since this functionality has been achieved through a major workaround, the Assistant is not stable on the said Marshmallow handsets.

Android Marshmallow

In case you are still in the dark, Xposed is a tool that should be familiar to root users. With the tool, those who like playing around with their devices can easily alter the system and UI of their Android device. This means that different modules can be installed on the rooted devices in a bid to change the entire Android experience. As far as AndroidN-ify is concerned, it is one of those modules that has been developed to ensure that those using Android Marshmallow and Lollipop and are not eligible for the Nougat update are still able to taste the experience of the new dessert.

If you are really into Android Nougat and the best your device can do is Android Marshmallow, head over to the official AndroidN-ify page for more details on how to get the Google Assistant and other Nougat features working on your handset.

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