Android Marshmallow vs. Android Nougat – Numbers Don’t Lie

Android Marshmallow Vs Nougat

Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat are two of the most sought-after operating systems in the smartphone world.

While the former is about a year old, the latter has yet to clock a month since it first showed up on a Google Nexus 6P.

Android Marshmallow vs Android Nougat

Regardless, the two have already being compared on different fronts, be it on the features they pack, performance levels or even the current market share. Even though Android Nougat brings new features such as Multi-Window view, most of the others are actually upgraded versions of what you get on Android Marshmallow, for instance, the Doze mode. As far as performance levels are concerned, the more stable Android Marshmallow still leads the way and as it appears, this lead goes beyond to include the numbers part or rather the market share.

In the latest report released by Google, Android Marshmallow has finally clocked 18.7% of the total Android market share – a market that is still dominated by Android Lollipop and Android KitKat. This is a significant improvement from last month’s 15.2%, an indicator that the OS’ popularity is steadily growing. On the contrary, the leaders of the pack are not enjoying good spells so far, with Lollipop’s share dropping slightly from 35.5% to 35% while KitKat now has 27.7%, down from 29.2%.

The likes of Android Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread as well as Froyo are still in use, but its only Jelly Bean that still has a significant market share of 15.6%. As for the rest, they all fall below 5%, including the newly-released Android Nougat.

Android Nougat

Well, the fact that Android Nougat is nowhere near the rest of the party, even the least-used Android Froyo that sits at 0.1%, is not strange at all. In fact, the OS is not currently available on any new device, with the first expected next week when LG V20 is officially released. In short, current figures show that Android Nougat is still below 0.1% as far as market share is concerned.

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