Meet the LG V20 – Android 7.0 Nougat, Dual Camera and Removable Battery

lg v20

LG finally revealed the V10 successor, LG V20, about a week ago and there is no doubt that this handset is going to make the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and even iPhone 7 Plus sweat for their money.

The main issue with the LG V20 is that there is no specific release date set aside, but rumors point towards a September 23 release. Given that the Galaxy Note 7 is already showing off its faulty side of things, LG could push harder so as to take advantage of the Note 7’s recall by releasing the new V20 earlier than expected.

LG V20 Removable Battery

So, what’s the LG V20 like? Here’s a first look at the phablet.

Hardware and software specs

Given that the LG V20 is a flagship successor to the LG V10, it is a no-brainer that the phone packs top of the table hardware specs. In fact, the phone carries a lot from its predecessor, but it now packs a sleeker design than before, featuring an aluminum metal as opposed to the V10’s stainless steel. You also get a hard plastic at the bottom and top of the phone – materials that ensure the LG V20 passes the MIL-STD 810G drop test.

You will come across a 5.7-inch IPS Quantum screen with a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Still, LG did not do away with the secondary screen that came on top of the V10, which acts more like the Edge screen or rather the Always On display seen on Samsung flagships. This screen further adds to the uniqueness of this flagship.

LG retained the removable battery (3200mAh) that was also available on the V10 and so did the microSD card slot. However, there are some changes in the cameras, with the rear of the LG V20 now coming with a dual-lens setup and the front has a single-lens setup, the exact opposite of the V10. The rear has a 16MP standard lens and an 8MP wide-angle lens, the same combination you find on the LG G5. As for the front, you get a 5MP snapper, which has a wide-angle lens.

lg v20

LG, like many other Android OEMs, has made the jump to USB Type-C. The phone also ships with an IR transmitter that helps with controlling all infrared devices.

LG claims that the V20 is the best when it comes to audio quality. This is true because the phone packs a quad DAC that promises superior audio playback, something that many smartphones will struggle to match. Another major perk that makes the LG V20 a top Android device is the fact that it leads the way as far as Android Nougat is concerned.

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  1. They are going to miss out on those who may move from potentially buying the LG V20 but satisfying the need for instant gratification and acquiring the iPhone 7+ thanks to the Note 7 debacle

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