Android N 7.0 Developer Preview Update for Xperia Z2, Z3, Z4 and Z5 – Sony is Sprinting Ahead

Sony Xperia Android 7.0 Update

Google’s New Android OS, Nougat, is now available for updating the developer preview of the software on Sony Xperia’s Z2, Z3, Z4 and Z5.

Nougat for Upcoming Phones

Google unveiled the name of the new OS recently and it is Nougat. Users of these phones can download the developer preview of the new OS and enjoy the features. It is not yet clear when Nougat will officially be released, but it will surely come pre installed for the new Nexus devices. Later, it will be rolled out to the flagship devices of other companies along with mid range phones belonging to the bigger brands. Sony will be one of the first to bring the new OS Android N to many of its smartphones.

Gradual Rollout

The new update will be released gradually to unlocked phones in the beginning. Mobile carriers will then push the new update to devices on their networks.

Marshmallow Update

There are several phones that are waiting for their turn for the Android Marshmallow version, though Sony has already offered the update to the Xperia phones, Z5, the Z4, the Z3 and the Z2. Later many US cellular carriers, namely AT &T, Sprint and Verizon as well as US Cellular also released the Marshmallow version to Sony’s devices. Today, many of Sony’s smartphones, such as the Z5 Premium, theXperia Z3+, the Z3 Compact,Z2 Tablet among others are receiving the Marshmallow Update. It is also reported that the M4 Aqua and the C5 Ultra, along with the C4 and the M5 will also be receiving the Marshmallow update very soon.

Sony Xperia Z5 Z4 Z3 Z2 Android 7.0

Users can check out the availability of Marshmallow update for their phones by heading to Settings and then System Update. However, the upgrade to Marshmallow may not be availed on your phone, as it depends on the carriers, such as AT& T or Sprint and others.

Android Nougat Arriving Soon

However, as far as the Android N version is concerned, it is likely that it will be available for all devices during the third quarter of this year. It could also take some more time and show up during the early parts of the coming year. The Z5 branded will probably receive priority for the Android N. This will be followed by the Z4 and Z3 series. However, as far as the Z1 phone series are concerned, they will not be receiving the Marshmallow version or the Nougat.

Devices Receiving Android N

After Google announced the official name of Android N, people have started wondering about the devices that will first get the update. It is said that the HTC One A9 and the M9 along with the HTC 10 will receive the latest Nougatupdate. Many HTC phone users are disappointed that the M8 may not be receiving the Nougat update, as it seems to be excluded from the device list.

There are also some Samsung phones that will receive the Nougat update, namely the S7 Active, S7 Edge and the S6 Edge Plus among others.

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  1. The last Z3 compact update left my wife’s phone with a proximity sensor fault and wouldn’t let me reset the operating system to remove the flaw, I hope that this and the other irritating problems have been fixed before release for a change.

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